Dear Lord, please let Fulton Sheen be incorrupt

I am so hoping that the transfer of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s remains to Peoria will result in the announcement that his remains are incorrupt.
His service in the Lord was dedicated to proclaiming and protecting the Truth. The miracle of incorruption for such a man would be a well needed message to Church today!


I suspect that Archbishop Sheen was embalmed. If so, any lack of corruption would not be regarded as “incorruptibility” by the Church. As an example, St. Pope John XXIII’s body was unusually intact, but because he was embalmed and was in a sealed triple coffin that kept out oxygen, this wasn’t considered to be a true “incorruptible”.

Let us pray that Archbishop Sheen’s intercession brings about additional medical miracles so that he is quickly declared a saint. That’s what is necessary.


May God’s will be done in this.


Here’s hoping for both incorruption and miracles out the wazoo…for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls. Could incorruption be considered a medical miracle? Is he called venerable yet? His recorded talks are wonderful and readily available to the faithful via podcasts and aps. What an amazing, strong, masculine voice as well.

No, incorruption nowadays is not considered a medical miracle or a miracle at all for canonization purposes.

Yes, he’s already been a Venerable for quite some time. It is hoped that he will now be quickly beatified as he already allegedly has a miracle to his credit but the Vatican couldn’t proceed without Peoria having his body.


The vast majority of saints have had corruptible bodies. While it can be a special mark granted by God highlighting a saintly life, it isn’t something we should focus too much on. There is a powerful bit in Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov regarding this: a few days after his death the Elder Zosima’s body begins to smell, badly, and all his pious spiritual children begin freaking out, whispering that maybe it is a judgement from God, that perhaps the Elder wasn’t so holy after all, and other such things. And yet he had been a remarkably holy man. Dostoevsky is, I think, making a point here - these people are being very foolish.

While it’s fine to hope and pray for this, let’s remember to focus on his wonderful life and teachings!

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I totally agree. Here’s to ABFS quickly being beatified.

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