"Dear Mom Whose Baby Was Born Into Heaven {via Miscarriage or Stillbirth)" --addressed to women whose child died before being born


"She lost six babies in all. I will never forget one day on the phone: ‘Erin,’ she said, ‘as a little girl I always wanted ten kids. Ten. Now I have them.’”

"She continued: ‘I just never realized six of those ten would be born into Heaven.’


God bless you for posting this. My little girl Angelica who was stillborn took her first smile in Heaven in the arms of Jesus.My heart was close to breaking when I lost her, but through the Love and Mercy I felt in my heart from Mary our Mother, I am able to smile with her. How to minister to me, tell me you thought of my daughter and you reminded both of us that I will hold her when Jesus asks me to open my arms. I will remember you at Mass tomorrow Bless you.:butterfly::butterfly:


Also, anybody going through this will feel the entire spectrum of negative emotions — anger, jealousy, grief, and in the case of very early miscarriage will often be going through it alone or with maybe her spouse.

She need to be gentle with herself and give herself time to grieve like any other loss


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