Dearborn rally protests ISIS

While thousands shopped Black Friday bargains a half-mile away at Fairlane Town Center, about 100 demonstrators stood in the rain outside Dearborn’s Henry Ford Centennial Library to protest Muslim terrorism overseas.

Calling themselves Dearborn Muslims Against Terrorism on placards they handed out, leaders of the event focused their opposition on the militant ISIS forces waging civil wars in Syria and Iraq.

A “crowd” of about 100 protested in Dearborn. Out of more than 40,000 Muslims that live there. The pictures show about a dozen people, but let’s say there were more. This is a beginning, but such a small one. What about the several million Muslims living in America. No protests?

Seems a tad condescending.

Why do you expect Muslims living in America must demonstrate?

I would have been insulted if someone even implied that Catholics who did not march in outrage against the churches sexual abuse scandal somehow did not disapprove of it because of they didn’t hold large rallies.:shrug:



A lot is being made, on this forum and in the media about the peaceful Muslims protesting against Islamist terrorism. Someone gave the Dearborn protest as evidence of such protests which prompted my response.

I have no expectation of Muslims because I don’t think that as a religious community they reject the ideas promoted by isis., But I do question the misleading narrative of the media which go to great lengths to show that there are Muslims protesting against isis.

I won’t bother quoting myself, but I responded to a similar post, just a little while before I found this thread.

In any case, I’m against radical Islamists, I’m not anti-Muslim … but it seems that some posters are.

And hence your problem. Most Catholics didn’t rally against priestly abuses, but you didn’t assume most Catholics supported priests abusing children. Yet that’s exactly the same logic you’re ascribing to Muslims. It’s insulting, inaccurate and wrongheaded. Most Muslims, particularly those in western countries, do not support the ideals of Daesh. And if you believe they do you’ve been sorely misled or misinformed.

I will pray for you.

Good. Glad to see it… I’m sure the reason more don’t speak out is fear of reprisal.
If Christians were going around bombing marathons and restaurants and bringing down skyscrapers in the name of Jesus Christ, you’d have the Pope, the Vatican, Billy or Franklin Graham, and other Christian leaders giving press releases condemning the violence and would have done after 2001.
But I’m glad to see the protests.
Perhaps more will be emboldened to do so and the major Imams will gather together to condemn the violence.

They blame the Islamic Extremists on Israel’s
victory in the 7 day war back in 1960’s, they
saw their defeat at the hands of the Israelis
as a call to be more zealous for Allah so that
he will bless THEIR cause.

Perhaps I don’t express myself precisely. My argument is against the media that are promoting the idea that there are Muslim protests against Islamist terrorism. I challenge that view because the evidence they present is misleading. One small protest in Dearborn by a handful of folks can’t even be representative of the Muslim community of that city, much less the country.

I am not asking the Muslim community to protest, but the media insist that they do.

I can’t address your emotional arguments about my “wrongheaded logic”. This is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

Regarding your statement about western Muslims not supporting ISIS, my question is - How do you know? What evidence do you have?

The fact that most Muslims in the west are somewhat secularized and just want to be left alone like everyone else. That and most Muslims in the US aren’t radicals even if hey are religious. Look at it this way, have you ever met a Muslim that supported Daesh? :confused: I’m betting no. I have met plenty of Muslims who were just like me, watched Scifi, enjoy sports, even drink from time to time, but they sure didn’t have any love of Radicals or Daesh.

I suggest getting to know those you seem so quick to condemn. Particularly since doing so for no apparent reason is very un-Christian.

I am confident that most Muslims do not condone the METHODS used by ISIS to achieve their GOALS. However, I have reason to believe that a large part of the Muslim community supports their OBJECTIVES. I have never met a Muslim (and I know a few) who did not think that the ultimate goal of Islam is to spread the religion to the whole world. Most would not cut off people’s heads to achieve this goal. but most will support the idea.

Having said this, I am not familiar with the 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims living in Britain. Perhaps they are gradually integrating into your community.
Also, I am well past college age, so I don’t know what happens in British pubs on weekends. It is likely that some of your Muslims friends will go our for a beer with you.

Oh, and another thing. I do not condemn Muslims. I have many Muslim friends (well past their teens)

You have facts beyond your word that you can present on that statement?

I’m not British :wink:

And what you’re describing is not support for Daesh’s objectives. Daesh is a doomsday cult hoping to bring about the end of the world. What you describe as the ultimate goal of Islam, conversion of everyone, is an amorphous goal no different than Christianity’s similar desire to convert everyone. And it’s no more realistic or supported by most Muslims actively than the same is for Christians.

I agree. glad to see it.

how can the other poster compare the priest sex abuse scandal to radical Islamic terrorism?!!!

All is fair game in the battle for political correctness.

Sorry to disagree with you. You have your definition of Daesh. (why not ISIS?)
Describing it as a cult simply clouds the issue and introduces confusion.
We in the west spend a lot of energy telling the Islamist terrorist what they are not.
And they just laugh at us.

Islam’s goal is hardly amorphous. It is pursued in many different ways on many fronts. Some do it by cutting off people’s heads; others by trying to convince us that it is the religion of peace. (we can all see how peaceful it has been for the last 1300 years)

One Muslim I met asked me to just repeat a phrase in Arabic in an effort to convert me. I know that this was a primitive attempt, but it is an actual life experience for me, and not some theory of the politically correct crowd.
When discussing Muslims, let’s talk facts and not ideologies.

Fine you want to talk fact. Fact is Daesh is no more representative of mainstream Islam than Jim Jones was of Christianity. (And I call them Daesh as that is what Middle Easterners who oppose them and hate what they stand for call them. Isis was an Egyptian Goddess, and it’s not even what the Islamic State calls themselves. They haven’t been the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria for several years).

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