"Dearest Friend: A Life of Abigail Adams" by Lynn Withey

I just began reading this biography on Abigail Adams and have been enjoying it so far. Has anyone else read the entire bio? Was it a worthwhile read, historically-speaking? I don’t know much about her except from what I’ve been reading in this book, but it seems like she was a remarkable woman for her time. It’s interesting how she was caught between living and supporting the traditional roles of women for the time, yet was also very much in favor for education of girls/females, extremely interested in politics and other new ways of thought for the time. I’m at the point in the book where she is running the entire household and raising the children by herself while John Adams is away in France, and in the meantime suffering from depression because of the long terms absence between she and John. So many times she could have tried to encourage him to come home while he was in Philadelphia or begged him to not go to Europe, but she didn’t. She seemed to know that it would not be good for him and it seemed like they believed more in the working for the social good over their own family, needs and desires. It seems like at this point it is affecting them all.

I became interested in her after seeing the John Adams series which I thought was excellent. Anyway, if you have read or in the process of reading it… your thoughts?

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