Dearest friends... I'm on holidays fort a good long while.I'll be back later..I'm praying for you and all.always......God bless.....John Russell Jr


Dearest friends

Just a quick note to let my friends the reasons for my absence for a good while.I'm having a ball. Will be back in touch later. On holidays for a good while longer yet. Just sending a quick note to let you know so you don't worry.

Hope you and your family, pets and all are well. Your all always in my prayers.

I have very little or no internet access on holidays. So don't worry if you don't hear from me for even a few months during my holidays. I’ll e back soon, but it could e a good while……I’m praying for you and all here……..please remember me to..

God bless:thumbsup::)



Dear John thanks for letting us know. Godbless you. You are in my prayers. Enjoy the holidays.


Hi John, thanks! I've noticed you weren't around for a while. Good to know you're doing well :) God bless you!


Thank you. You have a blessed holiday as well!


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