Death before Adam

Does the Church teach that there was no death before Adam? If so does that make biological evolution impossible, as death is required for evolution to take place?

Why do you think the Church would say that animals didn’t die before Adam?

The Church teaches that if Adam had not sinned, humans would not have to “suffer or die”.
(CCC #376 )

To my knowledge, there is no Catholic doctrine at all regarding death in animals & plants - when it began, cause, etc. It’s not a topic that we Catholics focus on very much.
Aquinas thought that animals did die before Adam’s sin.
You might find the following short article on death - human and animal - very interesting.

With respect to humans, the theological definition of death is the separation of the body and the soul. Prior to the fall, there likely still would have been an end to our life here on earth.

Ok. Just wondering if the Church taught that or not. I still don’t see any evidence for evolution though.

Microevolution occurs constanlty, and has been observed for many years. The fossil record is evidence of macroevolution. I do believe that God set evolution in motion, however.

I agree with you on micro-evolution. But how is the fossil record evidence for macro-evolution?

Be careful here; evolution is one of the banned topics. The short answer is that we see intermediates between modern species and higher groups in the fossil record.


I am drooling at this thread, claims the fossil record shows macroevolution etc how I would love to get involved, however there is a ban on evolution thread current on this site.

Can’t debate evolution, that sucks. I was getting ready to have some fun.

yeah such a important topic and can be faith affirming to all christian’s. to bad there is a ban.

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