Death… difficulties… Now they’re Carmelites


Great difficulties did not stop two young women from southern Louisiana from taking the habit as Carmelite novices in Lafayette, LA this past fall.

Brittlyn (Sr. Teresa), at left and Kalyn (Sr. M. Faustina) rejoice in the gift of Our Lady's habit.

Jesus Wants Me

Brittlyn Sonnier, 18 when she entered, learned about the sisters of the Monastery of Mary, Mother of Grace Carmelite community through a weekend retreat. She had struggled against a vocation for a while, but finally knew that Jesus was calling her. When asked what she expected to find in Carmel, she replied, "I really don't know. All I know is that Jesus wants me there."

Brittlyn's mother was dying of cancer and the girl wondered whether she should stay and help care for four younger children. And yet, her father, mother and siblings encouraged her to go. On Oct. 15, Brittlyn received the habit and became Sr. Teresa of Jesus.

“Daddy, go back”

On Sept. 30 Kalyn Meche received the habit of Our Lady and became Sr. Maria Faustina of Merciful Love with the Carmelites. Her interest in the community began long ago. When she was about 10, her family was driving by the Monastery and she saw an extern Sister in the yard. “Daddy, go back. I'd like to talk to that Sister!” From then on, she had a desire and love for Carmel.

Kalyn, however, had to endure many trials and difficulties. When she entered a year ago at age 18, her first months were not easy. But she remained firm in her determination to become a cloistered nun.

New brochure

Read the entire article about the two new novices at Lafayette Discalced Carmelites. Email the sisters and ask for their new brochure, “I Have Chosen this Place to Dwell.”


Beautiful. God bless them. I love all our Sisters. :slight_smile:


How nice to see this! :thumbsup:

God bless these two new Carmelite novices!

Always good to see young faces in the cloistered life....:)


Wow, I am so thankful for these kind of stories. I wish they weren't so rare, but maybe it is their rarity that helps us to appreciate them so much. Regardless, these are great stories and I hope they inspire others!!!


Awesome stories, I always love vocation stories. No matter how simple, God's call is always so beautiful!


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