Death of a 7 year old girl?


Why would God take the life of a 7 year old girl? Spare her a life of pain on Earth? Why create her?:confused:


I don’t know what God’s plan is for each of us and why things happen. I do firmly believe that when someone passes away (especially an innocent child) God is the first one to grieve and then be there with open arms to welcome them to His glory. There are so many things that happen in my life that I just have to put my faith in Him and trust that He is in total control and will be explained in due time.


My youngest is 7. I cannot begin to imagine life without her. And yet, I know something could happen to any of my kids, and my husband, at any age- or to me for that matter.

I just lost my aunt Friday. She was only 64. I say “only” because she was only 12 years older than I. She was funny, and literally heart-warming. She was a good Christian, if not always a practicing Catholic. She also had a series of different diseases, at least five from my count. She suffered the last seven or eight years of her life.

I don’t have your answer, but rest assured, it is now on my lips as one of the questions I plan on asking God when it’s my turn.


Things like this always break my heart, too. But I try to remember that God loves that child even more that any of us could. And His mercy is infinite. Perhaps He in His mercy and wisdom took her home early because He could foresee something terribly painful or destructive to her soul happening in her adult life? Maybe taking her when she was still so young and innocent was actually the most wonderful thing for her. She is born into eternal life early, and because of that will be avoiding all the sin that children these days are inevitably exposed to.

As far as why did He create her at all…even children who sadly live only a short while give so much love and hope to the world. Even in the cases where the parents of a child are abusive to the point of death, God knows how each and every person who hears that child’s story will react. Maybe dozens of other abusive parents will get the help they need to avoid the same horrible outcome. Maybe the parents themselves will finally experience conversion.

I guess my point is that God understands all these things, and allows them for the greater good. And He also welcomes all the little children to come to Him, just as He did durning His earthly life. So we know we can prayerfully entrust them to Him.


Why did God create you or me? We’re going to die one day too, maybe even today, or maybe tomorrow. Why create us either?

You see, with God this life is but a passing moment. The next life is eternal, forever. That child did not die “young,” but, rather, received the gift of eternal life earlier than we. We (all of us humans) live on this earth for the sole purpose of dying and living one day forever in heaven with God. Everything that happens (good or not so good or even seemingly “bad”) in this temporary life is made to lead us either closer to (or farther from) eternal life in heaven with God.

He wants all of His children (young and old alike) in heaven with Him. He is a jealous God and so longs for the moment in time where He can draw us to Himself in heaven. Sometimes He so loves someone that He, as it were, gets impatient for a soul (or numerous souls) to be in heaven with Him. And so He draws that soul to Himself at that very moment, even if it might seem “too early” or “untimely” to us who remain behind. It is solely for the next life that we live this life. We are all on God’s time and not our own. It is solely in His time and in His way, that He will draw all things to Himself, including you and me, and that seven year old girl.


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He didn’t TAKE her life… he gave her eternal life.

He created her so that she can participate in God’s universal plan.


He created her for His purposes. We usually forget that and think of them as “our” children, when really we are all HIS.
Isn’t the goal of this life to reach eternal life with HIM? Sounds like she reached the goal!! A Blessed little Saint in His Kingdom.


All of us are sent to earth for a purpose. Some of us comlete our purpose in a shorter time than others. As a Catholic mother, my primary job is to see to it that my children make it to heaven. I was entrusted with 3 children by God. One of those children has already completed his purpose and my job as a Catholic mother has been fulfulled for him.

Do I miss him? With every breath I take. But I know that I was not created to live forever in this world, but the Next. And my son is waiting for me. This world is but the blinking of an eye compared to the eternity beyond. I don’t know what my son’s short purpose was. But just maybe it was to help me want to be a better Christian so that I can make it to Heaven.


I don’t think I agree with the idea that God is ‘calling’ her home for various reasons. I’m just not sure. Does that mean that the people who live are people God doesn’t want? And there are plenty of people who live through terrible, terribe things that end up causing them a lot of suffering, losing their souls, etc - so why didn’t God take them, either?

My opinion is that God doesn’t ‘take’ these people…but we live in a fallen world with suffering. I don’t think God wills the death of 7 year old girls (or anybody), and I think He may even have had a greater plan and purpose for her, but it is a byproduct of the world we live in, that we have to deal with things like sickness, or the evil actions of others that can cause pain and suffering.

Why God doesn’t step in is something we can’t answer. I think he respects our free will. And I agree with the posters that we can’t know his reasons, but we have to trust that in the end he wants good for us, and none of us know what our purpose is - it may well be that there ARE some people who are only meant to be here a short time. I really like lizanne’s answer on why she was created at all. I know I was touched deeply by my cousin who died a few days after he was born - it was a turning point in my life. And I do think that you can take a lot of comfort in remembering that regardless of how short or long our earthly life is, ultimately it is our eternal life that matters, and part of the reason she was created was to share in that and be in the communion of saints. We can deal with whatever struggles we go through on earth if we remember that. God didn’t promise us happy lives on earth if we are Christian (although of course he wants us to be happy and holy and to bless us), but fruitful ones, and happiness in eternity.


I don’t think anyone here meant to imply that God “willed” her or any child to die. God never wills any evil. The question then becomes why God allows the things He does. I know that the Bible tells us that “all things work together for good for those who believe.”

It is truly a mystery why some of the horrible things of this world are permitted to happen. Of course God could intercede. I’m not talking about “over-riding” anyone’s free will-- more like changing the external circumstances of a situation. But God has a plan, and out of all eternity He knows the free choices that every person will ultimately make.

I know that some of the scariest, most painful things in my life, looking back, have turned out to be the best things for me in many ways I could never ever have predicted. I have learned to trust that He has a plan through it all.


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