Death of Baby Boy tonight


Please pray for a family whose little boy was born premature last week. Initially they thought he would be okay even at 1 lb 2 oz. … He developed complications and died this evening …

He was baptized and is now in a better place. His parents were only able to have a few short days with him, they need much prayer to see them through the grief and loss.

His grandparents, too need our prayers …

Thank you …


Jesus have mercy on this family who have lost their longed-for son and grandson. Please give them comfort, courage and faith. Please keep their relationships strong and mutually supportive in their grief and loss, and in facing the future together.


Loving God,

It is often very difficult for us to understand your ways, but you are the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Help the light of your comforting and holy presence to be with this family as they suffer and mourn the loss of their son. Bless them as they move forward as a family and help them to cherish the time they had with this beautiful child they will meet again in heaven. Take this child into your arms and may our Blessed Mother Mary comfort this child. Help all people who interact with this family in their time of suffering have the wisdom and grace to say things that help and make the family know they are cared for and loved by many.

Father, teach us to see Christ in the lives we touch, to offer him living worship by love filled service to our brothers and sisters. Help this family to remember the love of this child who was with them for such a short time and be inspired by the warmth of this love. We ask this through Christ our Lord.



Praying …


On my way to mass now… will pray for all who loved this dear little boy.




I pray for stength. The lord will not give any of us more than He knows we can come to handle. Every baby is precious. I pray that they will grow in strength of acceptance and be able to reach out to other parents that have lost children,


Eternal rest grant unto this baby boy, O Lord. And may Your Perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.


Praying for his family.


Lord, please welcome home this soul who belongs to you. Comfort his family and bring them your peace.



prayers for all…



Thank you for keeping this baby boy and his family in your prayers …

This little boy was responsible for invigorating a renewal of faith and a return to the Church for his mother … he accomplished so much in his short life … please pray for them that their faith continues to grow and is not set back …

God is Good and he is in control …


Console his parents by letting them know they now have a saint in heaven to whom they can pray for intercession. My prayers are with them.


With my prayers for all - Joe


LORD Jesus
Have mercy on ur son


Praying with all my heart…


I will pray a divine chaplet today for the baby and his family.




So glad the baby had the opportunity to be baptised!

I pray for the Grace of God now to help the parents and grandparents through such a difficlult time.


Praying for the family!


My prayers are with this baby and the whole family. Thank God he was baptised and will spend etenity in heaven.

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