Death of my daughter's friend


If this shouldn’t be here then, I hope the moderators will move it but I just wanted to ask for prayers for Matt who was a friend of my daughters (both of them). He was 19 and died in a car accident this morning a few hours after his birthday.
He was not catholic and it worries me as to the state of his soul when he died.
He was not religious as far as I know. His brother Kyall used to have some in depth conversations about God and religion with my daughter and it was Kyall that rang my daughter this morning with the tragic news.
He told her that he had been praying for Matt and then this happened… I know that God has a reason for everything, but I am afraid that he will now blame God and not understand why his brother and best friend was taken so young.
The parents loved their boys so much and I cannot imagine the grief they must be feeling. Their lives changed forever.
Both my girls messaged Matt to wish him a happy birthday yesterday and now he’s dead.
Please pray for this family. I feel so sad that it is so close to home. I’t heartbreaking.


I’m so sorry. I will pray for the family.


I’m so sorry. What a terrible loss for your family as well as the boy’s family.


With prayers - Joe


Thankyou all for your prayers. As I said in the prayer request forum, Matt’s brother is staying with us tonight. He just doesn’t want to be at home. His room is right next to his brother’s and I don’t think he can be there knowing his brother will not be coming home. I have felt so sick all day. Things like this really affect me. I can just imagine what the poor parents are going through. It really is heartbreaking. It was on the news here in Adelaide. It’s so surreal to think it’s someone I knew, that came to my house, that went out with my daughter…and he’s not here anymore. I don’t know what I’d do if it happened to me. It’s my worst nightmare.


I will pray for Matt’s soul and the consolation of all his loved ones. This morning I had a strong urge to go to the cemetary to pray for the Holy Souls, but I didn’t. Maybe this afternoon the kids and I can make a trip and offer prayers for him there as well.


Losing loved ones is such a traumatic episode in one’s life… I will pray for the family and for his soul. I also pray for you and your daughters.


Jules, Matt and his family are in my prayers. A suggestion: pray the rosary with Kyall for the repose of his brother’s soul. Not only will this be efficacious for Matt, but will also give Kyall a glimpse into the hope and the peace that our precious Faith affords us.


Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon him,
May he rest in peace,



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