Death row inmate confirmed

SALEM— One of Oregon’s most infamous prisoners Tuesday received the Sacrament of Confirmation from Archbishop Alexander Sample in a heavily-guarded private ceremony in the maximum security prison here.

Gary Haugen was convicted in November, 2011 of murdering a fellow inmate while serving a life sentence for the murder of his former girlfriend’s mother. Haugen has gained notoriety for dropping his appeals and asking to be executed. A second death row prisoner, Jason Van Brumwell, who was an accomplice with Haugen in the prison killing, wants to die too, arguing that pursuing appeals is pointless.

Haugen was sentenced to die for his second murder on December, 2011, but his execution was put on hold by Gov. John Kitzhaber, despite Haugen’s pleas to end his life.

Anyone who feels moved to write to this man and offer prayers and fellowship can PM me and get his address.

It’s pretty amazing to hear this kind of thing and I intend to drop him a letter of encouragement and support.

O Holy Spirit, by whom Gary Haugen is sealed for the Day of Redemption,
do a work in his life so that those who knew him will be astonished at the
HUMILITY of spirit at work in his terminal situation, and give him YOUR
testimony of a lasting LEGACY of spiritual good to WIPE OUT the bad
name that he has of being a murderer!

Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless,
and the treasury of compassion inexhaustible,
look kindly upon him and increase your mercy in him,
that in the remaining moments in his life,
he will not despair, nor be despondent,
but with GREAT confidence,
SUBMIT to your holy will,
which is love and MERCY itself!

Praying for his intentions.

Dagnabbit! You beat me to it! :thumbsup:

I’m just glad to read that a convicted murderer is inclined to feel remorse and possess the intention to repent. :thumbsup:

Good if he is feeling remorse but let’s not forget, he killed two people, the 2nd person a prisoner. Now, if he had been in solitary confinement and I don’t know the details, perhaps the 2nd person would not have been killed. It’s obvious that Haugen has had a difficult life with drugs outside of prison. Inside? I don’t know. I pray for his sincere conversion but let’s not forget what he has done as well.

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