Death Threats and Thousands of Hate Emails from Homosexual Activists Hit Oklahoma Politician

Rep. Kerns calls comments exercise of free speech, not hate speech

By Michael Baggot

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, March 17, 2008 ( - Oklahoma House Representative Sally Kern has received thousands of emails in light of a recorded speech posted on in which she called homosexual practices more dangerous to the United States than terrorism. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is examining the 17 thousand emails Kerns has received for legally threatening content.

“It [the homosexual lifestyle] has deadly consequences for those people involved in it… [they] have more suicides… there’s more illness, their life spans are shorter… studies show that no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted more than, you know, a few decades,” said Kern in her speech.

“This stuff-it’s deadly and it’s spreading, and it will destroy our young people. It will destroy this nation. Not everybody’s lifestyle is equal, just like not all religions are equal,” added Kern.

Thank God for good decent and brave statesmen like Rep.Sally Kern, we need more public officials like her, who aren’t afraid to speak the truth about sodomism !!

Sally Kern should run for governor of Oklahoma, then president of the United States!!!

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Keep defending freedom of speech Rep. Kern!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I’m praying for you!!


If it is “Free Speech” for her to say what she did; it is also “Free Speech” to oppose what she said.

If we cannot categorize her comments as hate speech, then we cannot categorize opposition to her comments as hate speech.

Let everyone say whatever they want.

If she’s receiving death threats, that’s not free speech.

Threatening someone with death is not free speech. It is a crime.

– Mark L. Chance.

Sorry, b-justb, but you’re way off. If a homosexual wants to call heterosexual relationships disordered, wrong, etc.- fine. Threatening death is ALWAYS wrong, and a crime.

Perhaps you were not fully aware of the comments made to the legislator?

If you’re the kind of person that is going to take a stand, which Representative Sally Kern seems to be doing, then you will receive flak and you must take it. If she doesn’t want her own speech categorized as hate then the responses to her speech also cannot be categorized as hate.

Don’t get me wrong: I hope she stands up for her convictions and doesn’t cave in under the mounting pressure. But in the same token people that oppose her will say so in no uncertain terms and they should be allowed to.

I am not a proponent of The Mind Police, which is what Hate Speech Legislation is all about. I understand that my views on Freedom of Speech are outside of what most others peoples are.


If people are simply criticizing her, that’s one thing.

If they’re threatening to kill or hurt her, that’s NOT free speech.

Correct. It is equivalent to yelling “Fire” in a theater. It is not free speech.

Sounds like a hate crime to me. :frowning: Where oh where is the tolerance now?

Yes, I’m pretty big on free speech myself. I do think death threats cross the line but I have to wonder how many she’s received. It is likely that the real number is very few and that the vast majority have simply exercised their right to speak out. And just because some cross the line with threats doesn’t invalidate the rights to those who stay within the accepted limits.

As for hate speech, my problem is that it limits one’s right to speak out, and it is a double edged sword. She can say what she likes but so can they.

I think the article said something like 17,000 emails were being looked at for hate stuff in them or some such number. So there is an on-going investigation. Now according to whatever laws that investigation may say x number of these emails violates this that or the other and then they can do whatever. But if any of this gets into court I am sure we’ll see some sort of defense that says that the original speech by Sally Kerry is inciting and if that didn’t happen then the reprisal emails would not have happened. Therefore, it is Sally Kerry that should be indicted for Hate Speech not my client because if the first incident didn’t happen there is no reason for the 2nd. It might fly or it might not in front of a jury. In either case the original speech by Ms. Kerry will be called into question in court. And round and round it goes :shrug:

Death threats are crimes, which require swift investigation, arrest and prosecution. I hope we will hear what happened to those who have threatend Rep. Kern.

Here is a link to the youtube video of Sally Kern’s speech:

I think she is way over the top. Gays are a greater threat than terrorism? She represents Oklahoma City, where terrorists blew up the Murrah Federal Building, killing 168 people, including children, wounding 800 more. And gays are worse than that? Good grief!

And what is this about homosexuals trying to indoctrinate two year olds? :confused:

You really don’t seem to “get” it that getting threatened with death is ethically, legally and morally worse than disagreeing with someones politics, sexual orientation, or other issue.

Trust me, it’s worse.

What are the odds that a pro-gay activist would ever be prosecuted for this kind of behavior? They seem to be a protected class.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, an estimated 550,394 people with AIDS have died in the

Fifty Nine percent were gay men. Do the math. More gay men have died from AIDS than all terrorist related deaths combined.

Our public schools are now being forced to portray homosexuality, through text books as well as reading books, as something “alternative” and “natural”.

Sally Kern was stating facts.

It’s important to focus on the solution: lifting up loving, committed, traditional marriages open to children as the foundation of a just society.

Former Yale economist Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on the importance of the traditional family:
“When I originally published Love and Economics in 2001, I had intended it as a loving critique of the Chicago School of Economics, which is my intellectual fatherland. My experience of raising a birth daughter at the same time as a badly neglected adopted orphan son, convinced me that we economists and libertarians had taken the family far too much for granted. Before I had children, I had tried to argue from libertarian political theory and free market economics to a full-fledged personal philosophy of life. [Dr. Morse’s book] Love and Economics is an extended argument about why that analogy does not work."

Her speech was a bit over the top, the threats are a crime.

I completely “get” that some, if not most, people think so. I disagree with that assessment.

“I’m going to kill you!” being yelled out or written isn’t anything without other physical indicators that there is a problem. If it were then we could make it a maxim. If it were a maxim than a lot of football cheers would be outlawed.

Again I totally understand that my views on this are outside of many other peoples. I am OK with that. I won’t threaten to harm anyone because they disagree with me.

p.s. I don’t trust anyone on the internet, especially anyone from CAF :wink:

No—that’s only allowed if you are anti-homosexual, anti-Christian, or anti-American.

:rotfl: Peace be with you.

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