Death toll in Kyrgyzstan clashes could be 'much higher'

I don’t know much about the Kyrgyz and Uzbeks outside of China, but what I find odd about the violence is that both ethnic groups are Turkic, Muslim (overwhelmingly so), and, at least in China and back in the days of the USSR, have banded together in the past. The biggest difference is economic - the Kyrgyz are primarily pastoral nomads and the Uzbeks are agriculturalists.

Why should forum members care? At the very least, seeing as how most (?) forum members are Americans, they might be interested to know that the U.S. has a very important air base in Kyrgyzstan, which handles a lot of supplies for coalition troops in Afghanistan.

I’m certainly interested to know and have been following the clashes for a while. They have had they’re share of growing pains that’s for sure. And I have a son there at that base.

I pray for all our guys and gals in the military and the civilians that work there. And for the Kyrgyz that have lost they’re lives.

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