Death Wish-by Father Corapi


This was sent to me by my brother who asked me to pass it along. Pretty frightening, where we are headed. Pray, pray, pray.


Well written. I think I will make hard copies and share them with my parish priests and send to some of our politicians who need to read this. I wonder if I could send it with a signature required for delivery to make sure they get it?


And Ba’al is back, stronger than Carthage or Canaan knew him.

And his supporters claim their idol is only “convenience” and “comfort”, which can SURELY sit before God’s throne, as it’s only a “tiny little idol” before the obvious majesty of the the Lord.

When Ba’al is allowed to start removing “comforts” as payment for disobedience to him, which God will permit in short order, his priest(ess)-hood (or perhaps more properly his eunuch-priest[ess]-hood) will open the door to the slavers, who will either reduce God’s people to a germ, or cause their uprising to cleanse society of “left and right” (capitalist and socialist).

( The slavers God will never let “die out” [to Ba’al’s relief], as they are too useful to Ba’al in his “un-admitted service” to God. )

We’re in need of a new “middle ages” right about now.


God bless Father Corapi!

We see this everywhere: Black is white, good is evil, there is no ‘absolute truth’, the only ‘sin’ is being ‘intolerant’ (except, of course, that it is perfectly fine to mock and insult those who disagree with YOU. Intolerance is always something the ‘other person’ is doing, never YOU).

May God forgive us.


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