Death Wish! The Impending Suicide Of A Once Great Nation


I just got this…Praise God for Father Corapi!

Please take the time to read this and give it some true, serious and prayerful thought. If you feel the Holy Spirit move you, please pass it on to everyone you know.


If you’ve read this please post your comments good or bad, I’m interested in seeing what all of you think about this letter.


I can’t reach the link you gave. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my browser, or what, but I can’t reach that webpage. Tells me something about not being authenticated?


same here with my macbook Lexee…


Someone else posted about this and has a link that works for me:

I have not read it yet but I am glancing through it so far and liking it.


Thanks Dove, thanks Lexee for bringing this up.

Very scary indeed, yet so true. I have to admit, although I am Pro Life, I am often rather apathetic to this fight at times. We do need to wake up to this cause or what are we?


Sorry my link isn’t working guys:o, I’m not real savvy when it comes to that. Thanks for posting a link that works:thumbsup:, and I’m really happy that others have read this already.


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