Death with Dignity?

Washington State just had our first doctor assisted suicide. Hopefully this will stay out of other states than than Oregon and Washington.

We kill them coming and going:mad:

Euthanasia is being promoted in academia and the chattering folks in general. It is coming down on us like a freight train, but nobody but us “prolife radicals” seem to notice. Expect to see some version of it in any national health plan.

lets not forget a montana court ruling doctors have no right to opt out of this stuff. the forces of evil are trying to cram death down our throats and hope we choke before we can fight back.

every story like this reminds me of 1776, when people stood up and said no goverment has an absolute right to rule. tyranny can be removed and the people placed in charge of their own lives. and evry time i wonder how long we will be yoked with the culture of death and refuse to just say no.

If a hospital in Washington State decides to offer “death with dignity” all doctors that work for that hospital have to perform it if they are ordered to. The only hospitals I have heard of that opted out of allowing it are the Catholic Hospitals. At the vary least I am happy that particular clause is in the bill.

As a future nurse, this scares me so badly. I do not want to give up my job because I will refuse to assist in anything like this…

For the record, this judge, Judge Dorothy McCarter, is a Democrat.

And look, if people have a right to die, then let them. But why do doctors have to do it? Or assist them? Let them go home, and do whatever they feel compelled to do. And if they have any forethought about the “right to die”, then stay out of the hospitals, you are needlessly costing all of us more money when you take hospital care, only to off yourself.

Nowhere in the Constitution, does it say that we have a right to have a doctor give us suicide drugs. Go home and do it yourself, but keep away from my wallet.

How very sad. :frowning: I don’t really know what to say. All I know is that assisted suicide is gravely immoral and that God will judge those who choose this way to die. God will judge all of us but I have a feeling that those who choose assisted suicide may not find their afterlife to be too pleasant. But then again, only God can judge the heart. Lord, have mercy on us all. :crossrc:

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