Debate Challenge


I hooked this while fishing today, if there are any takers, wrap up well, take some sandwitches, tuck your bible under your arm and dont forget to bring a ‘priest’. :smiley:

"Debate Challenge!

I’m looking to try out the Debate Forum in it’s proper format. I’m looking for someone to take me on under the following topic (or a revised version): The Bible is the sole foundational source for Christian Doctrine. A revised statement may be, “Christian Doctrine must be based on the Bible.” I’m open to other revisions of this statement.

It appears we can alter the rules and guidelines, but if there are any takers, we will discuss them once we settle on the statement and who is involved.

Let me know if there are any takers, and mods, if this is the correct way of calling for a debate.

Should be fun and maybe if a couple of folks step up to the plate and adhere to the rules strictly, it’ll set a path for others to do so! "

(Please PM this poster for a link to this debate if you are interested.)

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