Debate: Chesterton and Bertrand Russell


Anybody know the whereabouts/accessibility of a supposed debate between G.K. Chesterton and Bertrand Russell?


John Ennis


It should be published in Chesterton’s complete works right? I have heard of Chesterton vs. Bernard Shaw and apparently he has debated Russell, H.G. Wells, and Clarence Darrow also.

I have the more famous Fr. Copleston vs. Russell debate, transcript from Bertrand Russell on God and Religion edited by Al Seckel (Prometheus books).

Phil P


Chesterton quote:

“[No society can survive the socialist] fallacy that there is an absolutely unlimited number of inspired officials and an absolutely unlimited amount of money to pay them.” – The Debate with Bertrand Russell, BBC Magazine, 11/27/1935

That’s the debate you want to find. I’ll host it on my site if someone can find the text.

Phil P


Thanks for the suggestions; I’m still checking it out.



Another great resource is The American Chesterton Society. And, for many of GKC’s works online. :slight_smile:


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