Debate : Purgatory and the Orthodox

It is well known that one of the disputes between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Churches are that the latter reject the teaching of purgatory and the former accept it

Lets have a fun discussion from both sides. Proof from scripture , tradition and the fathers…

Let’s just get this out of the way: We agree that prayers for the departed are beneficial.

We agree on the particular and final judgement. We also must agree on the continued journey of purification till the final judgement. Save the communion of Saints. :slight_smile:

I don’t think our understandings are really all that different. On paper, very different. But in substance, I don’t think so.

If I’m not mistaken, the Orthodox do not believe in a “physical place” called Purgatory. Catholics don’t really either… Purgatory is the stage in the salvation process where were a cleansed of our sins via fire.

Catholic theologians often theorize regarding how long this process can take and that prayer for the dead can help potentially speed up someone’s time in the purging process (aka Purgatory). Some Catholic theologians even theorize where this process might take place. However, for the most part, Orthodox Theologians and faithful don’t think about it. They consider it a mystery and don’t focus on trying to theorize how it works.

Personally, I haven’t read anything regarding this process from the Orthodox Christians which contradicts what Catholics know and theorize about Purgatory.

I hope what I just wrote makes sense. God Bless.

Yeah I don’t think this is a huge difference. The problem comes in with the idea of temporal punishment and merits of the saints.

Seraphim, can you elaborate on what you just described the problems as? I don’t know those terms and I’m not confident I could connect them into the discussion properly if I just went and googled them.

After the particular judgement and the soul is judged? The thinking of punishment has to be viewed and understood in relation to the communion of Saints who no doubt are not punished, so the understanding resides here to qualify the three of prior to judgement, after judgement in continued journey of purification, and the communion of Saints who participate in the final judgement. But for all of us.

I would like to follow this thread as my understanding of Purgatory is quite shaky.

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