Debate- Trad Catholic vs protestant


I don’t really do yes and no. First I would set up a controlled experiment (to which I am sure the entity would not object, since he seeks to persuade me) and ask for the first result to be replicated. Then I would ask for specific evidence other than his claim that he is indeed Jesus, as understood in the creeds. Then I would set up an experiment to see if the entity did indeed have these powers but was misleading me.


Its him snapping his fingers and it happening vs someone snapping their fingers and nothing happening . So which claim that the two men made would be more credible, the 1st man’s or the 2nd.


The finger-snapper might be a magician or the devil and the non-finger-snapper might be Jesus, testing my faith. How would you tell?


We should care about people like Matt Slick because many of our Protestant friends, neighbors, work associates, and possibly relatives DO care and listen to him and soak it all in and believe it, and then they use it to tear the faith of their Catholic friends and relatives to shreds. Many Catholics become Protestants because they don’t know their own faith and if they do know their faith, they can’t defend it when people like Matt Slick and his followers attack them.

One of the first rules of defending our faith is knowing what our “enemies” are saying about us so we can be prepared with a defense. Our first Pope said that–"Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence. (I Peter 3:5, but the entire passage from I Peter 3: 8-22, is good to read.)


I’m ready to make my defense to anyone who demands from me or asks me a sincere question with an open mind. Those sorts of people in my experience aren’t hanging around the Matt Slicks and CARM websites of this world. I don’t waste my time arguing with haters, because haters gonna hate.


30 years a Protestant. Never heard of him. Furthermore, I don’t know very many who spend their time searching the internet for material to attack Catholics. Most of the push back I get is the generic “don’t they worship Mary” kind of stuff.


What was it?


Would you be willing to call into Matt Slick’s anti-Catholic radio show or participate in his Thursday evening podcast so as to make a defense of the Catholic Church’s beliefs,…this so that his many listeners can hear the truth, because he certainly doesn’t appear open to the truth?


Those against Catholic teachings are going to the internet 24/7 in order to find ways to defend their protestant beliefs, and to therefore attack Catholics with it. Just as many Catholics go to ‘Catholic Answers’ to find answers in defense of the Catholic faith. Many of those protestants end up on Matt Slick’s CARM site.


No, because I do not believe Matt Slick or any of his listeners are worth my spending the time, from a cost-benefit standpoint (they’re unlikely to be open to listening), nor do I feel called to evangelize in that way.

Anyone who wants to seriously discuss the faith can come over here, or PM me, or ask me in person, or ask a Catholic they know in person, or ask a priest at the local Catholic church, or read one of the many articles or forums that are more reasonable than CARM.

Matt Slick gets way too much attention just on this forum already. I don’t feel it prudent to add to the attention he gets in any way, shape or form.

If someone else feels differently and wants to have debates with Matt Slick every day and twice on Sunday, they can feel free. Just don’t expect me to care.


Agreed ! Which is why I’m glad that Catholic debated him. More Catholics, like the that one, need to confront him on his radio program and on his podcast. Not necessarily to reach Matt himself, though that would be great, but to reach his many listeners that continually hear his anti-Catholic rhetoric .


Everyone has their own calling. Some are called to debate, some are called to keep quiet.

It’s up to God, not us. We just need to say “Yes” when He tells us what to do.

We should all affirm each other in our individual callings. All of our callings are worth spending time on, or God wouldn’t call us to be part of them.

We do not know who was listening to that debate. Perhaps the next great saint in the Church, who is currently Protestant, but after that debate, is struggling with the decision to convert to Catholicism. Maybe another Scott Hahn or Tim Staples (probably Tim Staples, since he’s always ready for a good debate!).

It’s not a waste of time. We’ll all know someday the purposes of all that we do (and don’t do).


Did you know that Tim Staples called into Matt’s radio show about 10 years ago and they both debated each other? Although, I can’t find the audio anywhere on the internet anymore.


Not surprised to hear it.

I believe that people who practice debating are “called” to do it by God, and given the aptitude and talents/gifts they need to be able to debate well, be courteous, and come away from the debate calm and not all riled-up and upset.


Matt slick gets a ton of traction here at CAF. I wonder why that is when he doesn’t come up in other venues.


I’ve been non-Catholic for 40…never heard of the guy until coming here. Saying that many non-Catholics care, listen and “soak it all in” is, IMHO, a huge overstatement.


Yes… I wonder why…


Such debates and watching such debates are not spiritually healthy.

They are from a ego driven dualistic mindset where each side argues over who’s right and who’s wrong. This isn’t faith, but defending the ego, which has an attachment to the particular religious group. It happens in religion, politics and even in diets.

Spiritually, such debates will be replayed in your mind over and over, during prayer and even at Mass. The ego will try to come up with defensive attacks to justify one’s position and provide certainty that they’re right and the other is wrong.

My advice is to avoid arguing with others about your faith.

You either have faith in Jesus Christ or you’re just trying to defend your ego-identity attachment to your religious group.

Instead, seek to follow Christ in love, humility and interior silence. Whenever another challenges your faith, don’t argue, but see it as their as their poverty. Pray for them and step away.

BTW, I’m expressing this from my own experience, where I loved to debate in the past. Still working on moving away from it and in many ways have had success, but also failures.

In all, interior Contemplative Prayer is the best remedy.

Centered In Christ


I exist.
I didn’t make myself.
My parents only co-operated in my existence.
Therefore something (someone) else must be existent for me to exist.
That’s a pretty basic starting point towards the existence of God.

The alternative is “I am a meaningless accident who doesn’t search for meaning and purpose”.


Wow! I love what you wrote here! Love it!

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