Debate: Was Jesus actually resurrected and other arguments


This discussion is going down a rabbit hole that may not need to have been entered and one that I caused by me jumping all over the place on whether I’m attacking the after claims or the before claims. Lets just focus on the after claims.


Jesus could die and God could resurrect him. God will resurrect all people.

The problem is that Jesus was/is not God who prefered to be killed end rised from death by himself. Such doctrines conflict with revelation and have no any basis. God do not die. God do not suffer.

I think that arise because of an excess love for Jesus. All Muslims love Jesus but Muslims love God much more. And such doctrine unfortunately make people confused about faith.


While it is true that God qua God could not die or suffer, you would have to show that God COULD NOT become a man, if he chose to, and suffer and die AS A MAN.

The problem with having support from your theology is that Islam claims that God CANNOT be known as he is in himself. Therefore, you cannot know that God wouldn’t choose to become a man and suffer and die as a man. You have no support for your claim, not even from Islamic theology.

So we cannot take your personal opinion about what God would or would not do, nor about what you think God could or could not do, very seriously.

You don’t have the authority nor capacity to proclaim divine revelations about God and what is possible for him.

Perhaps that Muslims have “an excess love” for Mohammed and that they love Mohammed more than Jesus, and perhaps love Mohammed more than God – because Muslims claim he CANNOT BE KNOWN – explains why Islamic doctrines make Muslim people “confused” about faith.

That sword cuts both ways.


You are still deflecting and haven’t answered my response to this…

Let’s “focus” on this before we move on.

Do you have sufficient "actual references and support to conclude that early Christians had the “chance to recant and save their lives” but didn’t.

That was your point, from your cited article, was it not? I.e. That Christians likely did not have the chance to recant so they gave their lives without sufficient opportunity to recant?

Come clean now, or are you choosing to ignore evidence in order to cling to a bias?


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