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I am preparing to debate a very anti-Catholic Protestant online. He is a KJV only Fundamentalist. He is completley convinced on Sola Scriptura as well. Can anyone give me good resources and maybe help debating him when the time comes? It’s going to be very lengthy. Please pray for me as well.

If you want to really pull the rug from under him, focus your energy on the Liturgy.

This link shows that Sola Scriptura cannot answer the question of Liturgy, and thus by definition what Protestants do on Sunday for their “worship” is NOT from Scripture, and thus a Tradition of Men and never commanded by God. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Sunday Worship is centered upon a man standing up and giving a glorified Bible study, a lecture on a passage of his own choosing. That’s not even technically worship, but rather catechesis, and distinct from worship proper.

Your link is broken, but thank you anyway. We have not begun the debate yet because he is preparing as well. It will be back and forth messages through pm’s on another forum. I hope you and others can help me refute him and find good sources to defeat his arguments when the time comes.

The link is having issues, by adding an “S” to httpS it causes problems. Here is the fixed link:

Thank you, it works now.

Also, what is his theological background? Like is he Calvinist? Does he believe Salvation can be lost through sin?

Does he know that the English Duay-Rheims Bible was issued by the Catholic Church for England a few years before the KJV, and that the KJV actually used the D-R as a reference? Most KJV Only Protestants think that Jesus used the KJV and that there was no other English Bibles authorized by the Catholic Church, when the Catholic Church had already authorized English Bibles before the KJV.

Just don’t.

Online is not the place to try to engage. Especially not a KJV only person. They lack logic and if you corner them on a topic they will change the subject.

He is strongly against OSAS and does believe salvation can be lost, but he does also seem to espouse a monergistic doctrine of Sola Fide in regards to soteriology.

He is also strongly against the intercession of the saints because to him he believes it’s the sin of communicating with the dead that’s forbidden in the Old Testament.

And I do not know if he is aware of the Douay-Rheims. He may or may not be, he certainly doesn’t seem dumb.

I am going to try my best to debate. If it gets to the point where he is no longer logical then I won’t continue it anymore, but as I said above, he doesn’t seem dumb and knows what he is talking about. I want to take up this challenge.

Think of it not as a debate, but an opportunity to be calm but sturdy in witnessing to him… don’t give up on yourself nor this person. It’s his soul that is thirsting/searching under the surface for answers about God in a sense for a reason- why else would he be confronting you?. I truly believe there is something hidden within this person’s soul that just needs some consolation about Catholicism in simpler terms (perhaps) for this person to comprehend the goodness & prosperity of our faith. In my experiences with Protestants questioning Catholic teachings & my faith, they would try getting under my skin to share their misunderstandings of particular concepts- but I didn’t let them bother me most of the time. Guard your words & actions with humility and patience in Christ, otherwise this person will assume all Catholics are like you…don’t let this person’s opinion of you matter because God alone is enough. Most importantly, pray for this person’s heart, mind, & soul to draw closer to Christ and be open to exploring Catholicism truly for what it is without judgement. With God the Father, God the Son, & God the Holy Spirit- you can do this. I will pray for this person wherever he or she is at along his/her faith journey & that he/she finds Christ because there’s no greater adventure, seeks Christ for there’s no greater achievement, & learns to truly love Christ for there’s no greater love than to be loved by Christ Himself. Hope that helps a bit.

Thank you! God bless!

Believe it or not, Catholic Answers & other Catholic resources have great advice in defending the faith from those who are against. Check out YouTube videos like these:

“Catholics Defend Atheists from Fundamentalists”
"Why be Catholic instead of anything else?"
"Is ‘Sola Scriptura’ reasonable?" ((10 min))
“Answering a Protestant’s Objections to the Catholic Faith”
"Catholic Apologists destroy Sola Scriptura"
"5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make in Defending Catholicism" ((highly recommended to watch))

Thank you! :thumbsup:

You can also explain to him that the communion of saints is not communicating with the dead.

“I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. He is not the God of the dead but of the living.” MT 22:32

read anything you can from dr scott hahn

all debate catholic vs protestant ends there

Remind him that nowhere in scripture does it say that scripture alone is the source of truth. In fact, 1 Timothy 3:15 states that the Church is the pillar of truth and not scripture alone. In three other instances (2 Peter 3:16, Romans 10:14, and Acts 8:30-31) explicitly forbid personal interpretation of scripture. I’ve found a good source of scriptural evidence for the truth of the Catholic Church. Go to:

He does not believe in praying to saints because the KJV does not have Tobit which states that Raphael took Tobit’s prayers up to God and supplemented for him (Tobit). KJV has 66 books. The balance 7 which the Catholic Bible has were in the KJV when it was first published in 1611. However, around 1800 they mysteriously disappeared from the KJV, There are all kinds of excuses why they disappeared including that the printer thought it would be cheaper to print if the 7 books were omitted. There are even versions of KJV that have the 7 books in the index but not in the body of the Bible.

You are probably wasting your time but I do have one thing that I use with such people.

Ask him if he uses only the 1611 KJB. If he says yes, and he will, then ask him how many books his Bible contains. He will of course answer 66, right?

Then tell him that that is not a 1611 Edition Bible. But this one is…[/FONT]Holy Bible: King James Version, 1611 Edition

The 1611 KJB by law had to contain all the original books and they were not removed until the mid 1800s by some “Bible Society” as a cost cutting measure. They of course had no authority to pull that, but most a-Cs don’t care.

Anyway, just advise him that his is not a 1611 KJB and hold his feet to that fire. It should be mildly entertaining to see his mental as he tries to justify that.

  • Does he believe Holy Scriptures are the aide memoire to the teaching Jesus gave to the Apostles?

  • Does he believe in Holy Spirit powered works, and that the only crown he gets will be the crown he helps someone else get? That Ascending Jesus distributed gifts in order that Grace may Abound in practice? What’s his take on not stunting the growth of the fellow adopted widows and orphans in Father’s profitable family firm (last 21 verses of Proverbs) (because that’s all the “worship of God” boils down to)?

If you believe those things as well, well then you have both succeeded in turning the entire scenario diametrically on its head by finding the handful of most essential points of agreement rather than disagreement.

Proving people wrong smacks of the knowledge of good and evil.

As you are too far apart to keep each other company and know each others’ heart through each other’s concrete circumstances, you can only use your words and minds and this has to be done affirmingly and encouragingly like anything else.

I think God has long given up on the liturgy question in respect of outsiders to the Catholic church organisation, though He appreciates it done well by those within.

We will only attract (i) agnostics and atheists to the Gospel at all, or (ii) Protestants to come nearer to the Catholic, if we demonstrate how we bear the fruits of the gifts in our relationship to each other. The kind of sacrifice Jesus models can’t be achieved by showing off. A treasure such as this is to be really shared not vaunted.

You never told us which topic you will be debating. Is it Sola Scriptura or something else? As soon as you settle on a topic, make him stick to it. Once folks get cornered or run into something they can’t answer, they’ll try to change topics. If you see that you’ve found something he can’t answer, press him with questions to show him that he has no answer for them.

Also, always remember 1 Peter 3:15-16 Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear, so that, when you are maligned, those who defame your good conduct in Christ may themselves be put to shame.

If he loses his temper and acts a fool, just let him. Always keep your cool. I’d also like to quote Mark Twain “Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Good luck, and I’ll be praying for you.

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