Debate with Admin of One Fold Blog on the Real Presence

Intrigued and at the same time concerned about this treatise on Brian Culliton’s Blog, I decided to engage in a debate with him since he decided to reply to my comment regarding the Church Father’s use of philosophy and how “symbols” to them is not exactly how a symbol is to us today. This debate officially ended when the man himself that is Brian decided to close comments on his treatise after my response to his ad hominem and prideful comment. While I gladly admit that I’m at some points in this debate I acted prideful and uncharitable, I say with all sincerity that I do not go as far to use psychological taunts and boastfulness as Brian himself. Of course eventually, I was banned from his blog for being like what Brian has said as I’ll quote here,

““John” has nothing but a ton of bloviating, a lot of anger towards his or her old Baptist church, and apparently hates creationism. This person is not familiar with the early church writings and only wants to argue at length, accuse me of being dishonest, and interpret my every rebuttal as a personal attack. I don’t want to continue to allow this article to be bombarded with propaganda and idiotic accusations.”

I do not remember displaying anger or hate towards Creationism. All Christians are Creationists but, I do not endorse the Ken Ham and Ray Comfort style of Creationism which violates our modern Scientific thinking and laws and the way they like Brian, dance around the evidence and resorting to quote mining which inevitably fail. Of course, I don’t mind a few mild insults here and there as in a Debate as it would most likely be inevitable. However, this is simply going too far, especially ignoring the quotes from Scholars I provided to compliment my preposition and the fact that I provided Evidence for the Real Presence in the Ante-Nicene Church which I even use the Liturgy of St Addai and Mari which oldest copy dates back to the Ante-Nicene period as well.

I can’t say that I emerge as the victor in this debate however as in all debates, it is for the Readers that could be anyone else but me. So I would like opinions regarding my conduct and points that I used and how I can improve on them? and of course finally, will Catholic and Orthodox apologetics websites see how very misleading this article on One Fold is. If I don’t know anything on Platonism or Church History, I’ll admit that I would have become an Evangelical or a Baptist(Fundamentalist). Of course, the problem is that many of our Apologetics websites which many of us rely on just don’t give some form of brief overview on issues like these.

You can check out the debate which I had with Brian Culliton of One Fold here,

And if you read it, please let me know on areas which I must improve on and how can I conduct myself more properly in a debate with individuals like him.

Just to let you know, I used the name, “John” on this website which is my Baptismal name but I don’t usually use it as associates and friends usually address me by my Chinese Name.

Unfortunately, evolution (and, I suppose, by extension, its opposite, creationism) is one of a rather long list of prohibited topics in this Forum. You will probably not get any insightful responses, because we expect this thread to be deleted by a moderator, perhaps before you can even read them (and, maybe you will never even read this).

Sadly, you are on your own.

Rats!! I forgotten to read the Forum Rules regarding the list of forbidden topics. The main issue here is my debate with the Admin of One Fold and meaningful insights I can learn from readers so that I may improve my conduct and defense of our Doctrines and Faith.

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