Debating on Confirmation name

Hi, I’m debating between two Confirmation names: St. Paul and St. Joseph. I can’t really decide which one I want to do. I really like Saint Joseph’s life and he’s a great father figure. I also really like St. Paul’s life because he used to be a Christian persecutor, but turned blind by Christ and became a strong believer in Christ. I really can’t decide. What do you think?

Pray, my young friend! I have confidence the name the Lord wants for you will be revealed.

Choose both. It’s not against Church rules.

When my sister was confirmed about 2 years ago, I remember seeing a good amount of St. Josephs on many young men, but do not remember seeing that many St. Pauls. Just a thought. Maybe ask your friends what they are doing. I like to be unique, which is why I would maybe go with St. Paul, as many people are likely to chose Joseph.

That’s just my opinion!! Both choices are great :slight_smile:

What a wonderful problem to have! But seriously, look up the calender of Saints, then think about who would represent you spiritually when you are 80.

St. Paul would be about dramatic conversion, fire and zeal. St. Joseph would be about humility and trust, as well as fatherhood. Which do you need help with the most?

You can’t go wrong with St. Joseph…protector of Jesus & Mary, Just man, worker, patron of the sick, the dying, the universal Church (among many others), guardian of virgins…I vote for Joe!

The fact that I’m a Sister of St. Joseph in no way biases me!! :thumbsup:

I have been teaching the confirmation classes at our parish for over 20 years, and several candidates have taken two names.

Don’t forget that two of our recent popes took the name "John Paul."

God bless you,


If you have problem with multiple choice questions, how about Benedict, after the Holy Father? He is quite advance in years and may not be with us that long, the name would be a good rememberance for your confirmation, as you’d look back in the years to come. :):smiley:

God bless you on being confirmed Catholic Christian.

Is this true? I hope it is, since when I was being confirmed I couldn’t choose between St. Margaret Mary and St. Faustina. I consider both to be my confirmation saints.

You still have several months to pray about it.

I say choose both also - John Vianney was John Baptiste Marie Vianney.

John Marie Philomena

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