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I need someone’s advice and opinions. I have last spoke with my vocations director this past Saturday. The conversation was not one of those peaceful ones but rather scarey. I told him about my house which I have a mortgage on and some charged off debt from 7 years ago. I got the document signed notorized stated that my Father will take over the payments and will sell it and take care of all that is involved with selling it if he had to. His business is doing really well and so he can afford paying on it and my parents want to move in. That is what to VD wanted a document stating that. Now this other debt that I incurred (SP? ) was from a bad business venture and all the debt has been charged off and judgements filed. I will give my Father power of attorney to do what is neccessary to settle the debt and or go bankrupt. That should take the load off of me and the diocese hopefully will be at peace with that. What do you think?
Now with that said my diocese has a transitional deacon that had a child with his girlfriend. They took him. It is no secret as the diocese website states that when I read about him today I don’t know what strings they pulled to get that to happen but his girlfriend agreed to raise the child and to release him from all financial responsibilities. What would be a harder thing to deal with, my situation or the deacons? after our conversation he still told me to be ready for the four person interview this week or next. I need to have a little peace. Can anyone give me some opinions or insight?? Thanks so much Scoob.


i hate to be a pest. But I would like some insight on my concerns. Has anyone else felt the same as I on this?? The reason I ask on here is that I know that vocations directors are busy and all that. And I don't want tp pester him and turn him off. I hope my last phone call didn't turn him off as I haven't heard from him since. I got the debt problem dealt with (hopefully to the diocese's satisfaction) I would like some advice to not screw things up . Thanks again I hope someone will reply on this. Scoob.


Can anyone PUHlease give me some insight. advice?? did I upset anyone with this as no one has replied. Could someone give me advice from this point on. I haven’t heard form the VD yet. The last thing he told me is that he will call at the end of the week. I just want to know that I am still ok. I haven’t heard back with any bad news so that should be good I think, If this was like applying for a secular job I would know my way around better but this is new to me. I know it is God’s will but I don’t want to get in his way.
Am I worried too much? I got the debt problem resolved as best can be. I told the VD in the very beginning about my debt and past problems and he said it will be something that has to be discussed. So anyway I am looking for peace. I have total peace thinking about entering seminary and I feel peace when I was there visiting. I just want some charity from you guys and please give me your opinions and advice. Been two days and no replies? HELP!!! thanks God Bless Scoob.


I'm sorry I haven't seen your post until now. I don't really know how to help you out but to say that you must still have hope. I've got quite a bit of debt in student loans and the diocese are going to let me to work some summers so I may pay it off. I'm also getting an extension from the student loan group.

I think the fact that you have a plan already is great. It may not be ideal but they will work with you if you are called to the priesthood. God bless and have peace


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