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We have lots of credit card debt and I was wondering if there was a Catholic organization that helps with this sort of thing. Any suggestions. Thanks!:slight_smile:


We went throu the same stuff and I could not find any advise from my church but to stick it out and pray. We have and its working.

Praying together is a big one that helps alot when we do it.(we should do it more)

But the biggest lesson for my wife and I was that you can’t keep playing games with robbing Peter to pay Paul. If you do not have a big enough income then you need to make some major changes. The sooner the better. We were and are lucky to be able to cut out things we don’t need. But its hard and I Hate my wife and kids to not have what every one else has but I think as a family we are better off. I hope that with out things like cable, cell phones, and the like that when the kids (4 of them for now) get older then they will have more time to make a Christ centered life for themselfes.

But there are a lot of places that advertise on the radio here that are Christian. But it seemed like robbing Peter thing to me.



I know of a family who just recently started a loan company who are Catholic, but I can’t remember the name of the company off the top of my head and I’m not exactly sure what all they do in the company. However, I do know it’s a Catholic company and the people I know personally are wonderful. If you’re still interested, let me know, and I’ll look around my house for the information.


Debt “consolidation” is not really a good answer-- it just moves your debt around. Perhaps credit counseling would help you.

Some of the Catholic Charities around the country offer credit counseling (I know the one in LaCrosse diocese does). If you can’t find a Catholic Charities that does credit counseling and education, go to and look up one of their member organizations.

If you are a do-it-yourself type, then get Dave Ramsey’s book Total Money Makeover and start working on that debt.


I would recommend you look into other avenues. (The one I like is Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey.) In most cases, you end up paying more and longer on consolidated loans than if you pay them off yourself. (DR will lead you through the steps to figuring out if that is the case for you.)


I also second the Dave Ramsey approach to getting debt under control. He’s very motivating in the area of debt elimination. He has written several books which you could get from the library. Or find a local radio station that carries his radio show and listen. He has a web site to help you locate a radio broadcast in your area.

Best of luck and prayers. Debt can be very burdensome.


Thanks to all who replied. I’ll be checking out the materials at my library to see if they are available. To lotusblossom: I would still appreciate the company name if you could locate it. Just for future need if necessary! Thank you all!


The term “debt consolidation” is such a BS word! No matter how you cut it, divide it, or spread it out over an eternity of payments it is still DEBT… You owe someone money for the goods you purchased.

I posted parts of this in another thread:

Here’s a fast way to generate $250+ a month, and not lose your shirt.

  1. Sell all the “Toys”. If you can’t make your mortgage you don’t NEED: ATV’s, Motorcycles, Boats, “collector” cars, etc. Once you’re back on your feet you can think about this stuff again.
  2. Cancel & Disconnect the Cable/Dish/Tivo TV.
  3. Cancel & Disconnect all but ONE cell phone. With you being home soon you don’t need one.
  4. Cancel & Disconnect the Hi-Speed internet - go back to dial-up
  5. Cancel newspapers
  6. Quit eating out - (Even McDonald’s for 4 is $15+) let alone anywhere else. That includes lunch too, pack a bag lunch - A loaf of bread & a sampler pack of lunchmeat is cheaper than $6 a day.
  7. Get rid of the new(er) car(s). Buy a dependable cheap used car(s) that’ll fit your NEEDS, not your ego.
  8. Keep ONE credit card - the one with the lowest balance - and CUT UP/DESTROY all the other ones. If they don’t exist you can’t use them! Get back to the mindset of “If I can’t pay cash, I can’t have it”.
    8b) Keep this one “emergency only” card in your sock drawer at home… NOT in your wallet. An “emergency” is defined as: furnace crapping out, car dies, medical, etc…
  9. Clip coupons & shop wisely. You don’t need “premium” brands. $3.99 for a bag of Doritos will buy a pound of apples.

This will hurt. You need to really tighten your belt and evaluate your priorities. When you get down to brass tacks you only NEED: a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your belly. Everything else is a luxury/convenience.

Rules for Credit Cards:
Just because you have a $25,000 line, doesn’t mean you SPEND $25,000!!! (You DO have to pay it back… or didn’t anyone explain that little fact to you?)
You CAN be overdrawn if you “still have checks left” in the checkbook!

Credit is an earned privilege. Not a right… a privilege. Unfortunately the banks are *counting upon people *over-extending themselves to reap the rewards of interest on accounts. (My wife is with a major bank. Last quarter her region booked $17,000,000… YES, SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS…
on overdraft fees alone!

Banks & Credit Cards are NOT your friends.

I’m sorry but praying will not absolve you of the debts you owe. You “bought” the items, are using the items, and now you have to pay for them. If you couldn’t afford them in the 1st place, why’d you buy them?


I would also add, call the credit companies and try to negotiate a deal (lower interest, no interest, etc.). Also, and this is what I did when I began noticing my spending was getting a little out of whack, call the credit card companies and tell them you want your limit lowered. They can’t say no. Also, tell them what you want it lowered to (I went from $7000 on one card to $2500 but they’ve recently raised it against my wishes so another call is in order to keep it down). As long as you keep actively working toward eliminating bad credit, if an emergency arises and you need a higher limit (after asking for a lower one) the company will most likely increase the limit immediately.


This is good advice! Taking the best credit card you have and asking for deals on a balance transfer can create your own little consolidation program. Try to get all of the debt onto one low rate card. Cut up all the other cards. For example, a 1.9% for the life of the loan can help you get all the debt together, with a little interest, and get it paid off faster.


Mandi - Most of credit card debt is behavioral rather than mathmatical. You need to change the behavior that got you into this mess. Debt consolidation is typically an easy fix to a symptom, but not a cure to the disease. You need to retrain the behavior that created the debt. Learning new tools to manage the money yourself will go much further to curing the disease than the quick easy fix. If its long and painful, it will stick with you longer (hopefully, a life-time). The Dave Ramsey method is motivating and simple to follow. So, I really encourage you to give it a try. I do know how burdensome and emotionally draining it can be to carry debt. I just don’t want to you be back here a year from now in worse shape than you are now. And, remember that God has blessed you with what you have and expects you to be a good steward of it. Paying your hard earned money out in interest payments isn’t necessarily being a good steward. Best of luck to you.


How is it going?



Don’t consolidate. Don’t use your home equity. These are traps that will end up costing you a lot more money and sleepless nights. Go to . It’s hard work but you can do it !!!


Once you have set up your budget plan, track you spending to know where your money is actual going and whether it is within your budget. Keep a record of all money spent, whether it is by cash, check, credit card, etc. Once you know where your extra money is going, and oftentimes, realize how you can save hundreds of pounds that can apply directly to your debts and make huge strides to reducing your debt away.
:extrahappy: :extrahappy:

Debt Recovery


HELLO, i am paresh to say that There are companies out there that promise to fix everything for you quickly and easily, but they can’t. The only way to change your financial future is to turn your finances around and work at it. If you are motivated, committed and honest with yourself, it doesn’t matter how deep you are in debt, you will find your way out.

Debt Consolidation Help


I know it’s been said but I would also absolutely recommend Dave Ramsey. It’s mostly common sense but his materials make it easy to get started and keep going. My wife and I did this 7 or 8 years ago and well let’s just say it’s amazing how much money you have when you are not paying it off to someone else! Dave is always giving seminars at local churches; just google him and see if he’s going to be near you. His materials obviously cost money but like the others have said it is so worth it. He deals with budgeting, insurance issues, credit card issues etc etc! As you can see I can’t recommend it enough! Good luck on your journey, keep the faith it can and will get better!


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What is a Debt Consolidations?

Debt consolidation


Debt consolidation loans are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of debt repair products offered to the public!


I subscribe to Insider Score, and that is correct there has been scant insider buying. Insider Score’s market wide buying indicator tracks very closely my sentiment indicators.

Debt Consolidation Advice

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