Debt elimination for vocation


Does anyone know of any organization, business or person who helps or pays off debt for a person to follow a religious vocation? :confused::confused:

My debt is is $8,000 :frowning: and a house to sell but I have a serious buyer for the house so I pray he follows through and DOES buy it!.

As my debt is NOT a student loan, the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations and Laboure Society are not for me. Laboure used to be open to all debt and handle “personal debt” but at some point they changed to only student loans. I did just write them to ask and double check if this is true, but from their website and other people, it seems like they have changed what type of debt they pay off.

Plus Laboure used to have a program that they have YOU find the donators and these places/people send them the money and then Laboure pays your debt. I did try Laboure in 2007 when they did all debt and had this program but as I couldn’t find places/people to donate (tried Knights of Columbus and Sierra Club as they suggested, etc.) it didn’t help me and they dropped me! I’m on their list of vocation discerners needing help one day and not the next! So as their program wasn’t working me - I didn’t have “connections”, I didn’t asked to be re-instated or whatever the term would be.

So I thought I’d post in case others know of other places or people who could help.

I am doing things on my own to pay off the debt: selling on ebay, Craigslist, have a blog with a “DONATE” button (like many others do) and a Facebook page and another FB page for my vocations for donations. But these methods are slow or not very helpful.

My order wants to set an entrance date but as much as I want to, I would hate to set one and then have to reschedule if I am still not free! Though I believe in Divine Providence, I am also trying to be prudent and presume!

Any help or suggestions from others would be very much appreciated.:wink:


Have you considered petitioning your parish community for donations?


$8000 may be manageable, even on a limited income. Have you consulted with a financial planner? Perhaps there is an accountant in your parish who can help you form a plan of action. Someone may be willing to offer their services pro bono if you explain your intent to enter a religious community.


Won't you have $8000 once the house is sold?


The way the current market is, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have to pay $8000 to get rid of a house. :sad_yes:


I know my friend bought a house for $130,000 and has paid off $30,000 and still owes $100,000 but it is only worth now $50,000. He wants to be a monk but cannot because of this debt, it is very sad.


In some jurisdictions, if he sells short, the bank cannot attempt to collect the remainder from him. However, the forgiven debt might count as income and he would be saddled with a huge tax bill.


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