Debt of Gratitude to Roman Catholics


I feel sad and annoyed when I read people slamming Roman Catholic priests, nuns, brothers and so on. There is certainly much wrong with the Roman Catholic Church and its conduct (things that also repeat themselves with equal veracity in the non Roman Catholic Churches).

However…many people have forgotten the H-U-G-E debt that is owed by Western Civilization for the preservation of learning and the Christian faith that took place through the Holy Spirit empowering monks to preserve our Bible and so on. Also, here is the US and in Canada **MANY ** communities would have had NO hospitals had it not been for Roman Catholic nuns. The Priests endured great hardship to bring the Christian faith to very rural parts of the United states, brought schools and so on. No financial rewards, only the knowledge that they were doing the work of Jesus Christ.

Catholic hospitals charitably treated all…not just insured…not just Roman Catholics. So before we spend too much time villainizing these folks we first ought to say a prayer of thanks to God for sending them our way and our grandparents way, etc.

Rev North


For this, and more.



Wow, I couldn’t have said that better myself! :wink:

Thanks Rev. Dr. North!


Yes…and even as much as I admire the Orthodox I do not recall any other group with this kind of zeal and good effect. To quote (or mis quote) Churchill…“Never have so many owed so much to so few”.

Rev North


I remember reading some study of Christians in general (although I would think this includes large numbers of Latins) and charity. it showed for instance that in India, where Christians make up only a small fraction of the population (3%) 40-60% of all hospitals, orphanages,etc. are run by Chrisitians. It was going to make an observation of First World Chrisitians, Third World Country, but then it found out the numbers were basically the same in Japan.

On the last point, I remember watching a show on Japan where they were talking about suicide in Japan, and I voiced a negative thought on it, to which my roommate said "you can’t force your moral opinions on people."
The program continued on, talking about forced marriages, racism, neglect of the poor castes etc. in Japan, to which my roommate voiced his objections, and I reminded him that “you can’t force your moral opinion on people.”

I often get the same from Hindus who say abortion is OK (from what I’ve told it is. Can’t kill a flea, but a baby, OK), and the West shouldn’t force its morals on India (i.e. no aid to family planning including abortion) to which I always ask “do you want to revive suttee?” (widow burning: the Baptists are basically responsibility for stamping it out).


The Brits struggled mightily, and successfully to curb suttee, beginning while India was under the Raj, beginning with Sir Charles Napier’s trenchant comments on suttee as a Indian custom; that the British had a custom also. If someone burnt a widow, the British custom was to hang them. If the Indians followed their custom, the British would follow theirs.



LOL. Isn’t imperialism a terrible thing.


I bought the Audiobooks called “How the Catholic Church Built the Western Civilization?” by Thomas E. Woods Jr. It’s a very fair and balance book.


It’s very nice, thanks. One nitpick: the RCC produced the Bible, and preserved and disseminated it.

God bless.


Hence, “and more”, in my comment.



I was writing to the good reverand.

God bless.


And I was agreeing with you.



Just bringing this back to the forefront…RevDrNorth :thumbsup:


The Church truly did, for that I am grateful. I am also grateful for the Magisterial teaching on human sexuality…and faith.

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