Dec. 7 - Day 33 in 33 Day Preparation (also Vigil of Feast of Immaculate Conception)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today is the final day of our preparation. God willing, tomorrow, we consecrate (or reconsecrate) ourselves to Jesus through Mary. Today’s Gospel encourages us:

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Mt. 11: 28 – 30)

Yes, Lord, how “easy and light” it is when we ponder as Mary did, Your Humility: You dwelt within her womb, and became dependent upon her as her tiny Baby. Enable us to enter Your Humility and learn as Mary did. Let us humbly depend on her with You:
O Jesus living in Mary,
Come and live in Thy servants,
In the spirit of Thy holiness,
In the fullness of Thy power,
In the perfection of Thy ways,
In the truth of Thy virtues,
In the fellowship of Thy mysteries,
Rule Thou over every adverse power,
In Thy Spirit, for the glory of the Father.

Prayers: Litany of the Holy Spirit, Ave Maris Stella, Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus or of the Sacred Heart, De Montfort’s Prayer to Jesus, and the prayer, "O Jesus, Living in Mary"
Suggested Reading:Matthew’s Gospel chap. 26 - 27; John’s Gospel chap 13 ff.
Imitation of Christ, Bk 2, chap 7, 11, 12; Bk 3, chap 5, 6, 56; Bk 4, chap 1, 8, 13
True Devotion numbers 60 - 67; 183, 212, 226 - 265.
Spiritual Exercises: Act of love of God, thanksgiving for the blessings of Jesus, contrition and resolution.

Ave Maris Stella

Hail, bright star of ocean,
God’s own Mother blest,
Ever sinless Virgin,
Gate of heavenly rest.

Taking that sweet Ave
Which from Gabriel came,
Peace confirm within us,
Changing Eva’s name.

Break the captives’ fetters,
Light on blindness pour,
All our ills expelling,
Every bliss implore.

Show thyself a Mother;
May the Word Divine,
Born for us thy Infant,
Hear our prayers through thine.

Virgin all excelling,
Mildest of the mild,
Freed from guilt, preserve us,
Pure and undefiled.

Keep our life all spotless,
Make our way secure,
Till we find in Jesus,
Joy forevermore.

Through the highest heaven
To the Almighty Three,
Father, Son and Spirit,
One same glory be. Amen.

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