Decade in review: Marital norms erode


That and much much more erosion this past (and previous) decade(s).

“Things” are going down according to Script: Think ye not?


And more to come.

The silver lining in the tragedy is that the more time that goes by, the weaker that new age morality will appear.

Reading that I kept thinking of the line If there is no God then everything is permitted.

Is it true that throughout world history, societies that embrace homosexuality end up falling apart and getting conquered or simply ceasing to exist?

Is this real history, or is it only something that fundamentalist-leaning preachers and writers say?

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The best historical study of this I know of was done by the anthropologist J. D. Unwin in the 1930s, and published in the book Sex and Culture. He found that when a civilisation abandoned marital monogamy it collapsed within three generations, without exception. Homosexuality is just one facet of this, while pre-marital sex and easy divorce are just as significant, if not more so.

Unwin was not a fundamentalist, and, if I recall correctly, was philosophically “liberal”. His theories were the result of extensive study of many civilisations and well documented.

Put another way - that’s the Agenda of Satan… “AnyThing Goes!”

It’s even caught on in some corridors of some religious institutions

Interesting. Thank you.

I wonder if the majority of Americans would believe it.

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Pope Paul VI correctly predicted that a culture who embraces contraception would see these things:

  • An increase in infidelity
  • An increase in divorce
  • Attacks on the family
  • An increase in abortion
  • A cheapening of the value of human life in general

These are the fruits of the Culture of Death. Our battle for the Culture of Life has never been more important, and should be the primary concern of the Christian faithful.

Deacon Christopher


Yep… As has Jesus…
Satan, AntiChrist and their minions have to be hard at work
These things must go down.

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