Decended into hell?


When we say the creed, there is a part that goes, “…crucified, died and was buried. He decended into hell…”

And then in the bible when the good thief asked Jesus to remember him, Jesus said, “…this day you will be with me in paradise”.


Does that mean that he was yanking the thief’s chain about being in heaven with him on Good Friday, or did he not go to hell for 3 days to whoop up on the devil?

I’m confused.


Jesus descended into hell to deliver the righteous who awaited him in “Abraham’s Bosom” - or “paradise” as the Jews called it. It was there that the good thief would be with Jesus on that day. A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture explains, “’Paradise’… signified for the Jews the abode of the blessed. Here, if taken literally in its context, it signifies primarily the limbo of the just, to which Christ’s soul was presently to descend.”

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