Deceptive "CAnswersTV" (YouTube) still at it

I just could not take it anymore. I unfortunately stumbled upon this very bigoted and ignorant channel on YouTube. Railing against the Catholic Church - Tradition, Sacraments of course, but not a peep about the Orthodox. And, that reveals their bigotry.

My response was to warn those unfortunate enough to watch their videos, attempting to show their ignorance of the Catholic Church. Of course, I used scripture where I could. Has anyone had actual contact with any of them?

Well at least your were able to comment, the ones that disable the comment section really make me shake my head. :sad_yes: What I usually do is just comment that is not what the Catholic church teaches and give them the real teaching. To get into an argument with a bigot is a waste of time. They will ignore the facts and just change the subject every time they can’t answer a question.


I am tired of arguing (ref: post count here). I posted solely for the sake of seekers who might be affected by the lies. And, since these bigoted souls have been at it since at least 2012, they clearly have no interest in knowing the truth.

If you are going to try and change their mind you’ll be frustrated. to Evangelize biblically means to preach the good news. (good news literally means gospel) Doesn’t mean they are going to listen to you any more than they listened to Christ. Remember Pharaoh and St. Paul says in Romans:

Rom 8:17 For the scripture says to Pharaoh, “I have raised you up for the very purpose of showing my power in you, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth.”
18 So then he has mercy upon whomever he wills, and he hardens the heart of whomever he wills.

From a catholic point of view God wishes all men to be saved, however those who harden their hearts against him are not likely to be changed so God uses their already hardened hearts to show his power and mercy. Don’t frustrate yourself.

Peace and God Bless

CORRECTION: They also rail against the Orthodox, as it is too Catholic. What utterly impoverished souls they are!

Being active on non-religious forums, I know that the bulk of readers are not members and do not post. I write for those unseen. It is a blessing to be able to set the truth before them. As to the hate-mongers, truth will then either convict or acquit them.

I didn’t say don’t evangelize, it was implied that i meant to do just that. However if you expect to convert them one will be frustrated. Elucidate what we believe, but don’t expect to sway the hardened heart.

Peace and God Bless

Correct. All you can do with the bigoted is present the truth. That channel’s hosts are far gone. But, they have thousands of views and the truth needs to be presented. I have converted exactly zero, and I will in the future do just as well. The Holy Spirit, on the other hand…

They might be wack, but you gotta admire their moxy. They have a 16 HOUR series on Catholicism. Refuting 16 solid hours of nonsense would take a least a month.

I spend about 5-10 minutes each episode placing the truth there. Not for them, as they are lost - but for those who stumble onto their tripe.

Which vids have you commented on? I tried to find a few Catholic comments but must have gone to the wrong ones.

OK, CA stands for Christian Answers (clearly protestant)

One is a vid alleging that the priesthood is “unbiblical.” Another is against Catholicism because it does not teach that we are saved by faith alone. Once you find it, all of the others should pop up. Or, you can just go to their channel - and they certainly are channeling!

I couldn’t find the ones you posted on, and I looked through almost all the ones on their channel. So either I’m just missing your comments (I’m sorting through newest ones first) or they’re deleting them. Either way as I was looking through I did listen to a few of them and found that one person who seems to be a go-to has his degree from none other than Dallas Theological Seminary, where Church Millitant’s good buddy Mike Gendron rolls. That’s pretty much all one needs to see to know they don’t really care about the truth.

My apologies if this thread is too old to post on, but I have to say this. On one of their videos of Jimmy akin debating James white, they proceeded to rewrite history in the comments section, claiming there never was a pope and there was no Catholic Church. They went into pretty extensive details so I did not read the whole thing, but it seems rediculous.

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