Decerning the Deconate

Hello, I have been descerning whether or not to join the Deconate for about a year now. I was wondering where I can find some really good information on it.?

I am Married. I have discussed this with my wife some, and the initial conversations have been positive. I would like information so we can discuss it seriously. What to expect and what not. She is not a Catholic but a protestant Christian. Is that a problem?

Also, I know that there is little or no pay but I was wondering if I do become a deacon does that qualify me to eventually take a paying position in the church?

Re: Discernment for the permanent diaconate. Talk to your pastor, your diocese’ vocations director. There may be a special office in charge of permanent deacons.

I don’t think that there is a requirement that the wife be Catholic but she must be supportive of the vocation.

I don’t know how things are in your diocese, but in ours there is 3-4 years of intensive college level study involved, and it appears that you might have some problems in that area. Also in our diocese the wife has to be fully involved with the preparation, which means attending the classes; that might be a problem with a non-Catholic wife. Like I said, that is our diocese; your mileage may vary.

There is no set standard for diaconate education. The program is formulated at the discretion of your bishop.

That being said, it’s usual to expect 4-6 years of night classes, as well as retreats, and meetings with your supervisor (sometimes including your wife). It’s also not uncommon for the diocese to require candidates to have a Bachelor’s degree (since the program sometimes revolves around a Master’s degree coursework).

Some deacons eventually get a full-time position in the Church (diaconate coordinator, parish administrator, director of youth ministry, et c.), but this is all up to your bishop. I personally wouldn’t count on it, especially when (God willing) you’re newly ordained.

Thanks for the responses. My wife would not mind being involved. She is not a typical Protestant. I will talk to a priest about this. Thanks,.

The deconate for married men does not seem to be very encouraged in my area. I know of only about 4 life deacons over 20 years, and I found no info on the diocese website. But I will investigate

You may want to contact the director of vocations for the diocese to see what he says.

It could be the website is picky over spelling. Try with ‘diaconate’.

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