Decide how to live


All throughout there are “watering” down of opinions to explain individual’s views. As I see it here is the bottom line.

Christ is true and is our example.
The Catholic Church is the offspring of Christ

We need to live as Christ like as possible.

Christ is the ultimate of showing us to not be selfish
abortion is the most selfish act possible, (to take a life to make it easier)
-Try to live as Christ like as possible, noone is perfect, but always strive to improve as Christ’s example
-to help others
-Do not judge regardless

I don’t believe that the homosexual act is worse than the sexual act outside of marriage, thus, I do not look down on the people who live as homosexuals any more than the ones that live as sexual partners outside of marriage.

I find comfort in the fact that the Catholic church teaches that anyone can make it to heaven, that only God is the judge, even if they are the strictest Muslims.

The Catholic church is the best way, so I challenge anyone in this thread to claim that they have the right to promote anything, political or personally to a better way.

My conclusion is that “life” is the most important issue, does anyone disagree? Please, no watering down.


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