Deciding to homeschool?



You so get me.

Yeah, although as someone who worked in higher ed for a decade—I don’t think that my kids are going to go to a traditional private 4 year uni, because I’m not sure that many will exist as they do today.

I do think dual-enrollment is the name of the game today.

Not only does the kid get college credits, but they get the social navigational skills. I don’t know about you but while homeschoolers excel at self-motivation they absolutely stink at things like taking turns speaking in class, not steering the conversation to their agenda and general know-it-all-ism. I’d say private school kids are worse at being know it alls, but I could always tell the homeschoolers by mid-terms because professors would ask me to address “class conduct” and they’d always do it with a “I’m glad they participate but…”


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