Deciding what to do with my life

The big problem I face now is that I am stuck in a job I absolutely despise doing meaningless work I hate. It also pays poorly and I could definitely use a raise. I have a bachelor’s degree so that (at least theoretically) provides me hope that I can find something better.

The issue, though, is that I have serious qualms about going into business and doing the typical 9 to 5 routine. Not moral qualms, that is, but qualms in that I find that such a lifestyle to be void of meaning, boring, and ultimately oppressive (for me personally). I don’t have a problem with other people being “working professionals”, but I don’t want it for myself. My passions lie elsewhere in things such as music, and I am seriously considering how I can start getting involved in that.

The issue is that the average Joe would likely consider me delusional for wanting to do music for a living and instead advise me to just “suck it up” and be a working professional. I reject this line of thinking and I believe if I did follow a “standard” career path I would wind-up miserable and unhappy.

The problem is that I would have to get started in music and work my way up, all while working day jobs to support myself until such a time that I could hopefully make something of it (my inspiration being the numerous, numerous, numerous musicians without formal training who did the same). But I am also wary of the fact that the chances of succeeding could be low and that I have no accurate judge of my musical skills other than previous experience and the fact that I feel my ideas are sound and original ones.

So I want to, as people advise, “to follow my dreams”, and yet my cynical nature makes me question myself constantly.

I just need advice.

How about this?.....ask Our Lord to let you know what HIS will for you is....we may have wonderful plans for ourselves but His plans for us are better. Ask Him to guide you and shed some light down on you.

If music is your path, your realy path, then you will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve it, that means getting an ordinary day job. Here´s a piece of personal advice: If you dont like your job then start looking for another one, one u mite enjoy doing, even if it has nothing to do with music. Ask the Lord to lead you where He wants u to go, ask Him how or where could u better serve Him.

Just pray.


if you find a 9 to 5 job boring and devoid of meaning you will have the same experience no matter where and how you work, because that feeling is about you, not about the job. Put your priority in discerning and doing God’s will for you at this time and as you plan for the future and the rest of it will resolve itself. Learn to find meaning in the most menial tasks by doing them to the best of your ability, for the love of Christ.

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