Deciding which book of the Bible to read next


Hi everyone,

Last night I finished reading the Letter to the Romans. It was the first book of the Bible I finished straight through in a while since I made a commitment a month ago to read the Bible more often. I have read through the Gospels in several graduate level theology classes and will be listening to an audiobook recording of the Acts of the Apostles soon.

But I was wondering, how do you decide what book of the Bible to tackle once you finish one?


I’m following a program from the coming home network to read the Bible and the Catechism in a year. You could find a similar program, or one of hundreds of other schedules for bible reading. You could also just pick one which sounds interesting, but you would probably end up skipping books like Numbers or Chronicles if you just stick with what is interesting. I’m currently on Tobit, and it is rather interesting. I also like Ezekiel and Daniel. The two books of Samuel are fun. I’d recommend finding a scheduled reading program though. All of the Bible aps on my phone have such things too. I’d recommend finding one which includes the books in the Catholic Bible which aren’t in the protestant Bible.


Yeah, get a Bible app that gins up reading plans.



have you read the entire Bible since you have taken theology classes?

I usually start with Genesis and read the first five books. then you could continue with the historical books of the Old Testament or perhaps read the major or minor prophets. I usuall read the Gospel and the Book of Acts together. I love the Book of Revelation so I would recommend that one. As far as the rest of the New Testament I guess you can choose whichever one you please. Psalms and Proverbs are always good. I love Job and Tobit!


I would follow a reading plan. It keeps you organized, and focused.


I haven’t had a lot of luck with reading plans. There might be some good ones I have not seen; but I don’t like when they take a few verses here and a few verses from another book and then a few more verses from a third book. I don’t like jumping around. I know many people never make it through Deuteronomy or Leviticus or Numbers. They are challenging, but I actually enjoy them.


I don’t feel any particular need or desire to read through an entire book at a time. Sometimes I follow the daily mass readings, which often take you through a book at a time over time (although, certainly not every book, as the entire bible does not appear in the lectionary)…and sometimes my readings follow the office of readings…and sometimes I follow the practice of St. Francis by just opening to a page, point to the page, and start from where ever my finger lands.

Peace and all good!



Or you can write your own html to randomize the Books for yourself. Or you can sort them shortest ones first.


When I finish a book of the Bible I turn to the next page. Whichever book is there, that’s what I read.

When I run out of books I flip the whole thing over and start again.



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