Decision Allows Abortion Law, Forcing 13 Texas Clinics to Close

Thirteen abortion clinics in Texas were forced to close immediately after a federal appellate court on Thursday sided with Texas in its yearlong legal battle over its sweeping abortion law and allowed the state to enforce one of the law’s toughest provisions while the case was being appealed.

13 abortion facilities closed today, as federal court upholds Texas law

May God Bless Texas.


:wave: "The eyyyyyes of Texas are UPON you … all the “live long” daaaay!" :tiphat:

October 3 - a good day. Long the feast of St. Therese of Liseux it was also the day of St. Francis’ promotion (holy death) … and one year ago today … my Dad’s promotion day too. :sad_bye: and yet - :heaven: And now THIS! Not a miracle exactly … but an answer to many prayers. :gopray2:

Yesss… now let’s go sing a Te Deum solemnly.

May God bless Gov. Rick Perry for passing the law that led to the closing of those abortion clinics. He was unjustly put in jail by his political enemies for it, and the Satanists were there chanting Satan’s name in protest of the law. But you know that there’s something good about a man when the Satanists fight against him. Even if this law is ever struck down by a court, Rick Perry is still a hero because he fought the good fight and did all he could do for the Pro-Life cause.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry

God bless Texas, and Rick Perry for his courage. He is an awesome governor!

To those who say, “there is no difference between the two parties” : come to Texas.


I remember those things. And do you know what? Whether or not Rick Perry is ever President - these are gold stars on his permanent record. As a pro-life person who has actually done things … and suffered things from vicious enemies because of it … Perry and Rick Santorum are in a special class.

And they were victorious (in battles, the war still rages on) with Rick-the-Governor’s efforts getting these 13 horror clinics closed in Texas … and Rick-the-Senator’s penning, championing, and shepherding through the absolute ban on (the disgusting and ghastly practice of) partial birth abortion over a President’s veto (Clinton’s - to his never to be forgotten shame).

When good people are attacked viciously for doing good my inclination is to give them proper support … if only moral(e) support sometimes.

Campaign idea for Perry: Governors do silly symbolic things like ribbon cuttings to open bridges (that nonetheless are feel good things). Maybe that in reverse can be done for the 13 clinics. Declare the sites confiscated under the Supreme Courts’ second most stupid decision in my lifetime (almost absolute eminent domain for government(s) ) and swing a wrecking ball or two at their walls. As if throwing out the first pitch at a ball game!

A sort of Berlin Wall moment to let the low information folks know that abortion is no longer cool … and is in fact comin’ down.

Audio soundbite to go with that: Before the wrecking ball swings hire the professional wrestling announcer that bellows “Lllllllet’s get ready to ***RUMBLE!”***.

As the walls come down hold special door prizes for the youngest, smiliest babies.
It’d be … their day too! Lol. :slight_smile:

:eek: *** - gulp. Is it a sin to gloat? Or am I scrupling?*** :wink:

While 13 may be a good start, it’s not enough since more will open up whether legal or illegal (underground).

I think the laws need to be changed (I know this sounds extreme but hear me out) to make any type of sex outlawed except for the express purpose of procreation by married couples.

That way almost every child will be a wanted child and there will be no need for abortion.

There is never need for abortion.

Patent this and manufacture a million samplers for over people’s mantles.

Or print a million bumper stickers. Couldn’t agree more.

Babies are wonderful. To purposely destroy a healthy one for money is ghastly to such a degree that it stains the entire medical profession.

A doctor who can re-attach a severed finger – now THERE’S a colleague.

An abortionist? They just don’t make invectives strong enough for me to express my contempt for how these members of a most noble profession (medicine) are destroying their own lives as they crassly take money for the destruction of the highest physical expression of God’s image on earth.

There is never need for an abortionist. Direct appeal to*** that *** class: Get a real job. CURE someone. Stop masquerading as doctors. Take the day off … and keep going. Quit cold turkey. If you stop molesting and killing the unborn … you may still have a chance to be born again. The Lord’s loving mercy is even more boundless than the devil’s fanatical vandalism and anarchy is destructive.



In spite to of the efforts of Wendy Davis to stop this.


The other 49 states need to get on board! :choocho:

I wonder if anyone has calculated how much blood is on her hands directly for that one stunt she pulled?

But she wore PINK SNEAKERS, so she’s just so totally cool and like cares about women and stuff! :rolleyes:

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