Decoded on History channel: "Vatican is corrupt"

I was just watching “Decoded” on the History channel. It was about the Vatican. I didn’t watch all of it, but a guy was basically saying that the Vatican is corrupt and has been throughout history, (not the exact wording but something along the lines of that) and they were talking about Pope John Paul’s death a month after he beca
me pope, and something about a nun that had to take an oath of silence.

What do you say? Is the Vatican corrupt? :confused: Or is this more liberal media crud?

Media crud. Cheers.

Well, think about what they’re saying. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, yes, there are always scandals and sinners everywhere in the Church. But does that mean that what the Church teaches isn’t true?

(And about the specific charge made by this guy - that Pope JPII was only alive for a month and then died, that is crazy conspiracy talk. Modern media demonstrates that he was alive for a much longer time than that. But if this guy gets a camera in front of him, he’s going to talk, and yes, the crazier the theory, the more the History Channel seems to love airing them!)

Talking about John Paul the First, not second.

D’oh…careful reading would have helped…:blush:

Knowing what I know about “History” Channel shows, though, I still say there is a high probability this guy was a crazy conspiracy theorist. :stuck_out_tongue:

Coast to Coast in the A.M. is more fun. About the same degree of truth on each though. It is just entertainment. Forget it. Read some good histories of the Catholic Church. :thumbsup:

I think I can safely say that Benedict XVI is on the up-and-up. However, there’s always a few worms in every apple barrel; and I am sure the Vatican is no different. People are always gonna talk, and I think it’s up to us to know the difference between truth and lies. I always find it helpful to look at the evidence provided when listening to someone prattle on about corruption in the Vatican. Usually there isn’t much…

Did they do a thorough job, and mention that Paul VI was replaced by an imposter? You know that’s how “they” got the Novus ordo inplemented…

And did they also mention that John Paul was killed by Masons before he could expose the imposter?

I may not be able to check for a response for a while… I have to pry my tongue out of my cheek. :smiley:

It is normal media rubbish.
Every year when its getting close to Christmas and Easter History Channel airs programs attacking the Catholic Church.
Whoever is behind such programs on History Channel clearly hates Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular.
Never watch History Channel programs that have anything to do with Christianity.

Examples include Giorgio Tsoukalos and the other ancient astronaut theorists.

It’s not liberal media crud. It’s “let’s make some money” media crud. I’m sure if they could throw together a show “proving” Obama was the evil mastermind behind a secret world government run by little green men they’d do it.

It’s not just History Channel that does that. National Geographic and Discovery also have a habit of attacking Catholicism. And here I thought that the Iglesia ni Cristo and the SDAC are excessive when it comes to anti-Catholic conspiracy theorists.

I think he WAS a conspiracy theorist.
ALSO have you seen the commercials for MANKIND: THE HISTORY OF US? It’s going to be about religion and wars, and they mentioned something more about the crusades…I feel this is going to be another attack

I watched this episode on netflix and he also said, and i may be wrong but it costs money to have an audience with the pope. I got $2.00, anyone wanna pitch in and hang out with the pope?

Nice one. I remember watching it and the host I guess asked one of the investigators if when he looked at the vatican from outside on the hill they were speaking on if it looked different and the guy was like it doesn’t look the same to me. I was like um yeah it actually does that building has been around before you were a twinkle in your mothers eye. the guy who host it is suppose to be a conservative to and has wrote books. That was one of the most horrible things i have seen on the history Channel, and I love the history Channel I just think they should look into say the early martyrs like St. Stephan and St. Martin of Tours.


And while we’re about it, how could they forget that Sr. Lucia of Fatima was replaced by a body double who sanctioned the Vatican’s fake version of the Third Secret? Or that Blessed John XXIII was actually a secret Communist agent? Or that Blessed John Paul II’s pagan roots were exposed when he was photographed hugging a koala bear? :D:D

The History Channel sure dropped the ball on this one. Losers.

(goes to oral surgeon to have tongue removed from cheek…)


Just more evidence of the world hating,Jesus and His Church. He did say remember they hated Me first!!!

Yes, the channel always distorts Christianity and anything relating to it. Sadly, I still remember when they were halfway decent and showed the entire “Jesus of Nazareth” miniseries every Christmas and Easter, but it soon changed.

There has certainly been some level of corruption simply because church leaders are mere human beings, but we make a distinction between the conduct of the human members of the church and the infallible teaching of the church as proclaimed my the pope and bishops.

** However that being said, most of the allegations leveled against the Vatican that we see in the secular media, such as the Dan Brown novels is absolutely false!

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