Decoding Christianity on Smithsonian Channel

Accidentally hijacked the History Channel thread with a similar post. I think I may have killed that thread. Lets see if I can kill this one before it starts. :o

I have enjoyed “Decoding Christianity” on the Smithsonian Channel. I watch it on satellite, don’t know if it is available on cable. Although the host Christy Kenneally, is a former Catholic priest, the show is not particularly anti-catholic. As a matter of fact I was a bit surprised to learn Mr. Kenneally had been a priest because he certainly doesn’t show the bitterness of the few other defrocked priests I have run into. Although some of his comments suggest that he no longer is a believer, he seems to still have a certain reverence and respect for the Church he left. The series on a whole appears to be a well balanced and fair look into the many aspects and Christianity and the various beliefs that Christians of various traditions hold.

BUMP! Can’t believe I am the only one who gets the Smithsonian Channel! Just saw the last episode on miracles and really enjoyed it. Mr. Kenneally may have lost his faith but there is still a spark. I pray for him.

By God’s Grace and Will, we’ll get to see him on Journey Home someday :wink:

I don’t watch the channel, sorry.

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