Deconstructing Humanity


First the sexual revolution, then same sex marriage, then LGBT and transgenderism. That’s not the ending point. “Humanity itself has to become fluid.” Some excerpts from an article by Rod Dreher:

“I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again. Two years ago, in the wake of Obergefell, I heard a Christian academic social scientist say that yes, same-sex marriage is a blow to Christianity, in that it reveals that the Christian model of marriage has been displaced by something radically different.

But save your sky-is-falling reaction, he warned, for transgenderism. If that ever takes off, he said, we are in very, very big trouble. Same-sex marriage still depends on the gender binary, but transgenderism destroys it — and that strikes at the root of what it means to be a human being.”

“It is hard to overstate the importance of understanding what is happening, and indeed what is being done to us. The constant propagandizing from the mainstream media, from schools, and of course from the LGBT movement, is having an effect. We are very quickly getting to our own Galileo “And yet, it moves” moment, where we have to insist upon the truth of reality despite what punishments come our way.”

–Rod Dreher


this part has an important ring to it… I pray that we can hang on to the truth until the LORD JESUS comes…


Dreher argues the Cultural Revolution in the West started in the 1960s but it was much earlier in the 1920s. Of course, they didn’t recognize the enemy at work back then and therefore didn’t respond effectively until four decades later. Even then, they didn’t know how to deal with it. Not that it would have been easy by that time.


We are definitely in serious trouble if this continues and becomes mainstream or popular. Yes, there’s popular support for gay marriage and transgenderism, but there is still only a minority of people that choose those lifestyles. If sometime in the future we have the majority of people choosing to be transgender or enter gay marriages, the human race will not be lasting long. Each generation would be shorter than the last until humanity is extinct. We can already see this in some places like Japan, where the elderly population is increasing while young people are not marrying or having children. It’s a real problem if these sins take hold.


Added to all this is young people are increasingly socially inept…


An interesting observation. I’ve noticed it anecdotally, but I’m not sure how widespread it is. I know a few young people who are quite reclusive and seemingly unable to socialize, but maybe that’s just a phase.


Well, for one thing, there are more kids in school with IEPs and more kids who need special classes because autism spectrum is on the rise.

Among the “mainstream” kids, there are more children under psychiatric care, kids on anti anxieties and antidepressives, not to mention phenomena such as cutting and eating disorders.

Then for the rest of the kids, they have the escape of the internet. Back in my day (yeah, I sound like a COB, but bear with me), kids who had poor social skills had the option of trying harder and eventually catching up, or remaining alone forever. You know what? Most “dorky” kids did figure it out and catch up, certainly with bumps and bruises along the way, but very few of us remained without friends forever.

Kids today, if they don’t like face to face interaction, don’t have to–they can go on line to interact with strangers. And it gets easier and easier to avoid real life people. I think we’re losing a lot of the later bloomers to cyberspace and I don’t know if we’ll get them back, if they never have to do anything uncomfortable …

Then there are the Dateless proms. Most public school districts hold out the option to go stag to prom. I think this was implemented by school districts who wanted to sidestep the whole issue of same-sex couples. Also, finding dates and possibly not getting one is a real stress for a lot of kids. But now, a lot of boys simply take the option of not going at all. I can’t tell you how many “prom pictures” I’ve seen on facebook that’s just a bunch of girls with pretty dresses and hairdos and not a boy in sight. It’s nothing more than a fashion show.

A few years ago there was a widely publicized study that kids are less sexually active than previous generations. Well, duh!
It’s not because they all got religion–it’s because seduction requires a certain amount of savvy, not to mention hygiene and attractiveness that kids aren’t putting the effort into doing.
It would be interesting to find out if masturbation is on the rise (and no, I do NOT to see a survey!!!)

So yeah, I think there are a lot of factors creating a perfect storm for our culture, and I really don’t see a way out…


They are targeting Catholics praying by abortion clinics now but people of other religions are allowed to preach hatred as much as they like.


The transgender zealots are destroying truth itself


I am sorry for my lack of clarity. I didn’t mean to imply that LGBT is causing the population decline in Japan, just that we can see what happens when a society doesn’t have many children for a long period of time. A society without children will soon be dead one.

From surveys I’ve looked into, the percentage of gay people has remained consistently around 2-4% over the last 30 years. However, the Millennial generation is showing an increase in percentage of gay people, indicating it has become more than just same-sex attraction but a lifestyle decision for many of them. People in gay marriages of course can’t have children. The Millennial generation also has the highest percentage of transgender people. Transgender people cannot have children if they do gender reassignment surgery. Both of these result in fewer children.

Furthermore, early surveys are showing the next generation after Millennials, currently named Generation Z, having even higher percentages. It’s a trend that will result in fewer and fewer children until America is in the same situation as Japan, with a huge elderly population and tiny working population. Even if the trend continues, this is very far off for America though as the Millennials and Generation Z have pretty large sizes.


An interesting commentary. I can’t help but quote this snippet:

"Janice Turner recently warned: ‘But in a decade, when our adult children turn to ask, ‘Why did you let me do this? Why didn’t you stop me?’ we may wonder if this was progress or child abuse.’

The answer to the question ‘Why didn’t you stop me?’ will be even sadder.

We are failing to stop this because we are afraid of the intolerant revolutionary mob, which would lock up dissenters if it could, but for the moment contents itself with Twitter storms and witch-hunts."


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