Decorated Marine attacked by group of teens outside D.C. McDonald's


USA Today:

Decorated Marine attacked by group of teens outside D.C. McDonald’s

A veteran Marine sergeant was assaulted and robbed at a McDonald’s in Washington D.C. last week, in an attack the victim says was racially charged, according to police. Police in Washington, D.C., are looking for at least four people in connection with the assault and robbery of Christopher Marquez, a Bronze Star recipient, who was one of two Marines who helped carry then-1st Sgt. Bradley Kasal out of Fallujah’s infamous “Hell House.”
Marquez, who served in the Marine Corps from 2003 to 2011, told police he was assaulted on Friday around 10:30 p.m. while eating at a McDonald’s, according to a Metropolitan Police Department report.

Marquez said he believes the attack was racially motivated. He remembers being accosted at the McDonald’s in Washington’s Chinatown neighborhood by five people between 16 and 21 years old. Most were men or boys. One may have been female.
“The kids were asking me if I think that black lives mattered,” Marquez said on Monday. “I was ignoring them, just because I felt intimidated. I felt how they approached me, it was very hostile. I felt they were really trying to intimidate me and just trying to start a confrontation with me.”

The police report does not include a description of the people involved with the incident, which was first reported by the* Daily Caller News* Foundation. One of the suspects allegedly hit Marquez with a gun after calling him a racist, the report says. Police have not yet made any arrests in the case, a spokesman said.
The suspects took Marquez’ wallet, identification, credit cards, debit card and about $400 in cash, the report says.

Marquez said his memories of what happened next are a blur. He said the restaurant’s manager later told him that security camera footage shows one of the people hitting him in the back of the head with an unknown object as he was leaving the McDonald’s.
“It was a sharp blow to the back of my head,” Marquez said.

I saw another story in the Washington Post that the police aren’t treating this as a hate crime – why not?


Good question. Location, maybe?


were there witnesses?


Duh. It was against a white man.

You can commit a hate crime against white men, didn’t you know that? /sarcasm


I feel very bad for this marine. do they have video of the attack. any chance the attackers will be caught? any descriptions from witnesses.


Right, 'cause we all know that white men are the most oppressed and downtrodden group in the United States.:rolleyes:


Whether they are or not is inconsequential. What matters is that “hate crime” legislation does not seem to be applied equally. The percentage of instances of abuse does not change the nature of the abuse, so if three white teenagers beating up a black vet could be considered a hate crime, three black teenagers beating up a white vet should also be.

What you’re doing here is actually a very common tactic used by people who don’t want to acknowledge the biased application of laws like this. Basically, " because white people aren’t the worst off, it doesn’t matter when they’re treated unfairly." This is a ridiculous position of course, but I hear so many people use it so often…

Quick note, I just noticed a typo in my first post, it was supposed to be “you can’t…”, not “you can…”


Marquez? Unless one minority can’t hate another minority.


The Washington Post article I read ( didn’t say that, but made it clear that they don’t have enough evidence yet to come to those kinds of conclusions:

[quote=WaPo]Police could not verify the motive as described by Marquez and said they are continuing to look into the case. Dustin Sternbeck, the chief D.C. police spokesman, said detectives are reviewing surveillance video of the assault but it was not immediately clear what it shows.

"It’s an active investigation, and in this case, as in any other, we’re going to investigate it to the fullest,” Sternbeck said.


Black people are indeed charged with hate crimes. Have a look at this. FBI statistics from 2009 (first year I found numbers for, but you could probably look up the numbers for more recent years).


Certainly all lives matter, but as long as folks don’t know the laws, they’ll continue to think/believe they’re being victimized …
like for example, did you know that a policeman can shoot to kill a fleeing felon?


What’s your point? What does that have to do with hate crimes?


It has to do with that black folks are committing hate crimes because they believe they’re being victimized.

Isn’t this attack on the vet in McDonald’s (if true(which I’m sure it is)) an example of a hate crime?


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