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Hi. Long time catholic but not following tenets in the past. I had confession communion this weekend. How to I rededicate my life to God? How do I change my ways with excess?


Well, you’ve made a great start. Frequent use of the sacraments is key. Daily Mass, frequent confession. Set a time every day to pray. Liturgy of the Hours and/or the Rosary. Consider dedicating an hour a week to Adoration. All of these are powerful means to quickly get you back “on track.” Tell God to help you do so and steer you in the right direction.
Just like forming any habit, there’s no magic bullet. Your object is to draw closer to Jesus in love, and he’s given us all these means and more to do so. The closer you try to draw to him, the more he draws close to you. It is the work of a lifetime.


I believe it is something we do in steps. He is so patient with use From the looks of things, having gone to confession and received Communion, you’ve made the best start. I would say to choose one thing and to start with that until you feel ready to take on another thing. Trying to start praying the rosary, daily mass, adoration, liturgy of the hours, and any other devotion all at the same time will only overhwhelm you and burn you out.

Setting a time to pray daily is maybe the best foundation :slight_smile: daily prayer is what keeps us rooted.

Maybe make it a prayer today to ask God how He would like you to start?


Excess ?

You better lay the ax - to those things - now !

You don’t want to be ‘re-dedicated’ - but a tree with bad fruit.

The wages of sin is death. Period.
God wishes we are either hot or cold - not luke warm.


Ok. I’m trying. It seems now that praying keeps me away from these excesses/vices.

God help me.


Every time you enter the Church you dip your fingers in the Holy Water, make the sign of the Cross and that is a reminder of your Baptismal promises.

There are public renewals of Baptismal Promises at various times during the year.


Excellent book is “Little Sins Mean A Lot”.


“God wishes we are either hot or cold - not luke warm.”

I thought people were like fruit and God cut the bad part off. :slight_smile:


You also cannot leave a vacuum. You have to replace them with activities good for your mind, body, and spirit.


What kinds?


That would vary from person to person, and is related to whatever vices one is attempting to contradict. For example, a person who struggles with gluttony and overeats might dedicate time to exercise instead of binge eating.

If a person is prone to looking at visuals that are contrary to the holy life, one would substitute looking at something that would draw one’s mind toward God.

God is to be served with our whole being:

Mark 12:30and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’

So loving Him means engaging in activities for the heart, mind, soul and body to build that relationship.


I understand. I was thinking of hobbies in the causal sense but I think am looking for something that replaces my vices with substance so to speak, for my development.

Thank you. I will pray about this.


hobbies are good if you are passionate about them, and they are an occasion for you to grow in the fruit of the Spirit.

You can also search the threads here, as many people have posted ideas that helped them.


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