Dedication of a Cathedral, LOTH


Every year my wife and I have this discussion. Today it the dedication of the Cathedral of St James, in Seattle.

We live in the archdiocese, but not in the cathedral parish.

In the LOTH, do we celebrate the dedication of the cathedral or just Dec 22.

The Cathedral is celebrating the dedication.

The norms for the LOTH rank the anniversary of the dedication as 8
and Dec 17-24 as a 9

What do you think?


You would celebrate the Anniversary of Dedication with the rank of Feast. This overrides Dec. 22, as such Feasts will take everything from the Common of the Dedication of a Church.


Thanks for your quick reply. Follow up: Since the Sundays of Advent are 2 in the ranking, and the “O antiphon” is take from the day. Do you think we would take this evenings antiphon from Dec 22? or from the dedication of the Church?


I wouldn’t, no. The only reason the O antiphon for IV Sunday is taken from the day is because the rubrics of IV Sunday specifically say so. That makes the O antiphon for the current calendar day also the proper Magnificat antiphon for Sunday.

But that said, I don’t think your time in Purgatory will increase if you decided to say the O antiphon anyway. I can understand why you would want to recite it.


Thanks for the quick reply. I think I’ll ask our priest after morning mass. See what he does.

Of course that assumes he’s not in the confessional. A problem this time of year in our parish. So many sinners, so little time.


Our priest loves the O Antiphons, so he plans to use that Antiphon, but there was no indication that there was a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do this.


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