I Thought I would share this slide show of the recent dedication of our new church building. Probably the only time in my life I will be blessed to participate in such an event.


Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.



This looks like a really nice space - - love all the hard-surface flooring. I bet the acoustics are great! Congratulations to you all - - I’m sure you will be enjoying that a lot!


ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I’ve never been to a Catholic Church dedication. Only one thing. Those glass windows behind the altar, when the sun is coming from that direction I imagine it is pretty bright for those trying to see what’s going on in the sanctuary. But other than that AMAZING and looks like it had a great turn out and reception. God Bless y’all and my your Church grow and thrive and continue to serve Our Lord until the end of time.


Those windows have electric blinds that come down when the light is from that direction. The amazing thing is that the church is up on a hill and the road goes right behind those windows, down at the bottom of the hill. When you drive by at night the tabernacle is lit in those windows.


Oh that does sound BEAUTIFUL. Congratulation on your new Church.


Thanks for sharing this slide show. The Church is absolutely beautiful and it appears the dedication was wonderful with many in attendance. Something to enjoy for many years.


What a BEAUTIFUL church! And I love seeing the servers and choir so properly vested! I love the windows in the sanctuary, so much natural light. The stained glass is also gorgeous and I love how they are floor length. Beautiful statues, families, building. I pray your parish might only increase in holiness.


That’s lovely! May your new Church building help bring many, many people close to God.


You never know, people aren’t sticks in the mud any more, you might well end up in a growing area again.

Looks nice, but I wonder about this. A few years ago the diocese closed and sold the church now known as “The Great Hall”, which is a repurposed banquet space, the Great Hall building being just adjacent to this brand new church.

I would think if they would have kept the older building around, they wouldn’t have had to do new construction.T


The brand spankin’ new church look empty. Where are the congregation?


Won’t let me post links to the specific pictures, but there are a couple shots of the Mass in that set where the pews look pretty full to me.


The church was packed to the gills. I’m not sure which pictures you are looking at but you need to keep going. Capacity 900. Total communion hosts distributed 1019.

When a new church is dedicated, no one is allowed in before the procession. The congregation processes in after the bishop “opens the doors” for the first time, and follows the clergy, choir, and altar servers. The early pictures show the congregation gathered OUTSIDE the church, later pictures show the procession and even later pictures show the congregation in the pews once Mass has begun.


They are en route. If you knew anything about Wexford PA, you would know that about the traffic


LOL, indeed. But not the case this time. They were lined up around the corners and packed in the parking lot before the Mass began.


What are those white streamer things draping from the ceiling? Are they permanent or were they just for this dedication.?


They are designed to be periodically replaced to match the liturgical seasons. the “hook” in the ceiling is on a hidden electric winch to allow easy up and down for replacement. The white is still up now because of the “newness” of the church, but I believe the plan is to go to violet for advent, and then follow suit accordingly for ordinal time, Lent, feasts, etc.


A few points of interest for those who may in fact be interested.

The 72 stained glass windows were salvaged and restored after being removed from the old (built 1881) St. Mary Magdelene Church in Homestead Pa, which was desanctified in 1992.

The 3D stations of the cross were salvaged and restored after being removed for the old (1914) St. Stanislaus church in Ambridge Pa, which was desanctified in 1994.

The Three huge bells in the bell tower were salvaged and restored after being removed from the old (1902) St. Josephat church on Pittsburgh’s South Side, which was consolidated in 1992.


I didn’t realize that the diocese kept and stored these kind of items, especially for this long.


You might be interested in this article from a few years ago:

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