Glad to know that. Missed the pictures of the congregation, and it seemed to be just the clergy only. All the best and congratulations.


I looked at all the pictures. I feel teleported to your beautiful joyous event. I am at work but a little off. You really made me :smiley::smiley::smiley: a lot. I am most attracted to the ceiling even if it’s not traditional to what I expect from a church, it just really takes me to God. I got this deja vu feeling like from a vision I once had and should become real and will make me happy.
And of course all the stained glass are so beautiful.
May God bless your new church and all my good wishes to all members of your parish.
Thank you for sharing it.


Absolutely glorious. I particularly like the San Damiano cross!


Such a lovely new Church!


What a beautiful church! It’s nice to see that the 3D Stations from St. Stan’s found a new home in this beautiful church!


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