Deep hatred for isis... love thy enemy... whats the morality?

I am prolife, against the death penalty, the whole shebang.

But I feel a deep, deep hatred for the terrorist group known as isis. So much so that I actually WANT them to be wiped clean off the faith of the Earth. All of them. And I feel like I would not even mind doing it myself. In fact, I feel like it would be satisfying to do it myself… as satisfying as popping pimples.

I have never felt this before.

Is this a sin? Am I supposed to try to love them? How far is “love thy enemy” supposed to go?

To love is to will the good of someone.

You may definitely deplore the actions and beliefs of individuals or groups and you can pray that they repent and follow the road that leads to Christ.

Love should not be reduced to feelings of affection.

As far as Calvary. Easier said than done for us mere humans, I know, but Jesus commands us to strive for perfection. Speak out against their unjust actions and pray for a peaceful solution.


Well, I have been praying for God to assist me to see all people as His children. To see those who do evil as lost and misguided, that as any parent He wants to be reconciled with them, to have them choose the right path.

I pray that the victims of ISIS be protected, that the organization be destroyed, but that the individuals within it come to full realization of the evil they have done and repent truly of it and turn to God.

hate sin,love sinner:D:D

In answer to the bolded…look to the cross…

What you express above is a valid hatred because what you hate is not the “people” but the ideology…which is evil.
The way to know this is to consider…If you knew someone who held such extremist views and they suddenly were converted and rejected their former views, would you still hate them?
The obvious answer is that you would not…You would rejoice at their conversion and embrace them as brother and friend.

Of course in the above, I’m painting things a bit black and white…but I hope you get my point. You do not hate your neighbor…but what your neighbor believes and does…

You mention abortion…and it made me think of a short prayer I say whenever I pass a Planned Parenthood facility. It goes, “Heavenly Father, protect the innocent. Convict and convert the guilty”.
Simple and direct. I do not hate…but pray for conversion…The same must hold true for those like ISIS.


I have battled too with these feelings. It is natural to desire to protect the innocent at all costs. But Jesus’ way is a narrow path and love can be difficult when measured eternally. There is such a thing as a just war, apparently, but hoping that the end might result in arrests and the disarmament of terrorists, as opposed to total annihilation of evil men, might be a place to start in gaining a more Christian outlook. It is hard though. Remember, how many times we as sinners have been forgiven, when we deserved a lot more than the punishments we actually received from God. Pray the Fatima prayer that pleads with God to enter the hearts of the most bloody minded people. Otherwise, pride can set in, and we can end up putting ourselves on a ‘righteous’ pedestal. Watch for your own soul as much as for the lives of others. As I said before, I battle with similar feelings, so you are not alone.

I am struggling with this two the past few weeks. I think ill the images posted everywhere of violence and death are instruments of Satan, and with the internet, makes it very very …bad.

So I reached out to ISIS members via Twitter. Just got done talking to one. I selected him because he had alot of images of dead children, I can tell he is young, and scared.

So off the bat I posted this picture ( to his account/our conversation, and wrote " Brother, the Children are carried to heaven in peace." I could tell this caught him off guard and we chatted of and on for an hour.

I think all of the images of dead/beheaded children were making me angry, and that brought hatred. But when you think about it - what we believe, the passing of a child to heaven - it changes something.

So my take? Love the person, hate the Satan inside them. Remove/counter the instruments of Satan.

For me, love thy enemy in this case, doesn’t mean feel good feelings for them.

It means pray for them. Pray that they experience Gods mercy. That they turn to his love. That they stop what they are doing and convert to the true religion. That despite the fact that I hate all they stand for, I still ask that Gods goodness be given to them.

The greatest good that God could possibly give someone is his mercy and his grace.

If they are so hardened of heart that they will not respond to Gods grace and turn to his mercy, then and only then, do I pray that God wipes them off the planet. Not because I hate them, but because I also have to have love for those who are their victims.

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