Deep Studies of Harry Potter


I’ve recently become intrigued by the universe of Harry Potter. I’ve read most of the books, I’m pretty sure I’ve watched all of the movies, and a website called Pottermore has left me in study. This is my question: Is it considered sinful to deeply study Harry Potter or other fictional universes? In the example of Harry Potter, I’ve looked at how “the wand chooses the wizard”, e.g. why someone would get a wand that’s 12 inches rather than 10, or get a wand made out of acacia rather than cedar.


No, not at all, as long as you don’t neglect real life. :slight_smile:



Fictional stories are a very human passtime and that is what we are, humans. Through them we are able to explore so many themes, character motivations, virtues, morals. We grow in empathy and imagination. Just keep a level head. All things in moderation.


Be careful you don’t go deeper and deeper -
like this guy did -


(a) Nothing to do with Harry Potter.
(b) The Necronomicon doesn’t even exist. It’s fictional. Created by H.P. Lovecraft in his horror stories.
“This guy” is either a fraud or completely delusional.


No, it’s not sinful unless it becomes a waste of time that you should be spending on your work, family, other things in life.


I’ve seen that video before and it is in my opinion hooey put online to get hits, probably fake.


Yeah, basically any “documentary” or “expose” on YouTube has about as much credibility as bathroom graffiti.


Is everyone who studies literature committing sin?


Cue the panic/paranoia videos in 10, 9, 8…

oh, someone already posted them.

Just waiting for the claims about the woman in Spain that used a “spell” from Harry Potter to set her house on fire…you know, the mentally ill lady that used toothpaste and an asepto stick with cooking oil and caused a cooking fire in her kitchen.


Settling in…it will be a long one.


is it sinful, to pretend to study a fake subject.

or is it sinful to give something fake credit as being spiritually real.


Not the topic here, so you’d have to give specific examples.


I did a deep study of Tolkien’s Middle Earth even learning some Elvish.

Nothing wrong with it.

In fact, Tolkien has actually helped me in my faith journey.


You can see it coming.

The inevitable referral to Father Amorth saying Harry Potter is Satanic.

To the OP, be forewarned, there are posters here who believe Harry Potter is real witchcraft.


By the way, my wand is 11 and a half inches, beech with a Phoenix feather core according to Pottermore.


There is nothing wrong with studying fictional universes. It can even help you become a better story teller.



Of course I wouldn’t be surprised if there are posters who will disagree.


My main point is, with the video, the guy was obviously into dark things -
And he progressed - with things -
You saw his collection of statues…a snake…military guy…
I think Harry Potter - could lead - to other things. Maybe. Maybe not.
Just a ‘warning’ type video - for Catholics.


Yep, I got really into it also in high school and early in college. I can definitely see Tolkien’s catholic faith in all his works and it had a good influence on me :slight_smile:

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