Deepak Chopra on Christ

Christ is Among Us!

I thought this one was a doozy… and to see it in a major newspaper to confuse millions more people than a smaller paper would.

He is and He shall be!


Hi triana;

I saw the book last week, when looking in the religious section at Waldenbooks (not far down on the same shelf from Pope Benedict’s–Jesus of Nazareth):o , The Third Christ, by Chopra…and it would appear that he can’t get around the elephant in the room–CHRIST. So, he has to conjure up what HE believes Christ to be…but not the Christ that is objectively our Lord and Savior. I really like Chopra and have read some of his books in the past, but this one seems to obviously miss the mark (from a Christian perspective for sure) – although, I think when some of these new age thinkers (although Chopra studied in a Catholic school setting at one point in his life) try to ponder who Christ was–they just can’t get around that perhaps, He is who we should be worshipping…not ‘beings’ or ‘higher power(s)’ of Zen mysticism, and the like.:shrug: I pray that many people who read this book are not confused between the REAL AND TRUE JESUS, and the Christ that Chopra is eluding to in this book. He claims that 'we need a ‘new Jesus’…meaning in his words, that we need to change as people to be more like Christ – but he doesn’t say that, rather he implicates that we are ‘in need of a new Jesus.’ I am not sure why people like to hijack Christianty and make it something that it never was nor is intended to be.:shrug:

Just my 2 cents.:slight_smile:

One thing that drove me crazy in that linked article is the idea that the ‘first’ Jesus was some ‘wandering Rabbi’ - a seperate and distinct person from the ‘second’ Jesus who he basically says was created after the fact. He says ‘he became the unwitting origin of a religion’ - oh REALLY? Unwitting? Yikes -

How about this quote: ‘In everyday life Jesus’s teachings are impossible to follow.’

Then he says he wanted to know ‘how to fulfill Jesus’s promise that the Kingdom of Heaven is within.’ I don’t remember Jesus saying the kingdom was within, any of you take it that way?

Aww…come on, you don’t think he will be the candidate for the next Pope? :wink:
Just who exactly is he anyway? Some nut who Oprah propped up.

Hi turtle;

Chopra is not really a ‘nut,’ he’s actually an intelligent doctor, from what I have read about him–and his books on health, diet, etc are very interesting…but, his religious views are too broad and vague, with basically teaching people to hold true to subjective truths as long as they bring you peace and happiness-than there is about objective truth. I am not sure he believes in objective/moral absolutes…although, he lives a moral life, he doesn’t necessarily teach that one needs to follow ‘one’ path to salvation. I’m not sure he has even taught about salvation. I think that it would be dangerous to follow a secular author in hopes of gaining a deep view of God–just my personal opinion.

I’ve also read Chopra’s health books and they are quite inspiring, so it’s disappointing to see him venture into an area he’s unequipped to comment on. Again, my fear too, is that the confused or inquiring may take to heart his comment about Jesus’divinity being made up by religious folks.

That this book is a few down from Pope Benedict’s bodes well though; maybe folks will bypass the Chopra book for the book that refutes Chopra’s misunderstandings. I guess all we can do is pray that people aren’t misguided (and send Chopra a copy of Pope Benedict’s book!).

Do any of you plan to read this book, if nothing else to be able to address those confused by it?

Christ is Among Us!


I don’t plan on buying that book, no. I have read the summary enough to know where he’s heading with it. I agree too, that it seems like many of these new age/Zen type authors have a need to draw in those who follow Christianty. They realize that they have to address Christianty, and someone who is not devout (I don’t imagine a devout Christian changing his/her direction after reading this book, or the like) might think there is something to this. But, there are many ‘dangerous’ books out there like this–the danger with Chopra, is he is very well respected on a variety of levels in the media, medical world, etc…so, his voice will ring loud to someone who is on the fence. Actually, what he and others like him preach is not new…there’s nothing ‘new age’ about it…people even back in Jesus’ time, tried to thwart His message, and so it’s really do different today. Back then, they didn’t have Oprah, Borders, Barnes and Noble, the internet, etc to use as the medium for thwarting Christ and His message of salvation, but they tried just the same. :o

I’ve seen this guy on PBS and I find him interesting. The way I take this is he is critical of the faith we as catholics have and doesn’t agree with our theology, but I notice he titles the book in such a way to try and sell books and cash in on the Jesus many believe in.

Just my opinion…

Right on whatevergirl - that’s my take. Like you said, he will try and pull those on the fence away from the truth. Interesting how the devil works isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not equating Chopra with the devil, I’m just pointing out how the devil can use these things to his advantage -

Yes, I understand your point. I think Chopra is on the fence…lol I respect people who have different religions. I don’t respect people who tear down Christianty to make it seem like they ‘discovered’ the real truth, and are going to share with everyone. There is no ‘3rd Christ’…unless he is speaking of the Trinity, which at first I thought…oh great, Deepak sees the Light, but nope. He literally wants to recreate Christianty…or blur Christianty, and act like Christ isn’t who He really is. It’s a shame–because I respected his views, until I saw that book. I never discount people’s desire to make oodles of money either–on dismantling others’ faiths.:o

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