Deeper Into the Culture of Death

Bishop of Brooklyn NY… “…those who voted for President Obama bear the responsibility for a step deeper in the culture of death.”

Well said Bishop!

I believe this is so, the Romney Ryan ticket offered an alternative, those who spoke down Romney Ryan and that we should not take them at their word in my view are responsible too.

The Bishop is correct, also if this Healthcare is the train wreck it looks to many to be, those who voted for Obama likewise have a responsibility.




God bless the Bishop for saying this

Thank God the Bishop had the courage to say it aloud. ^^

Preposterous, I didn’t vote for Obama, but I also thought Romney was a terrible candidate and ultimately voted for neither of them. To suggest that I’m therefore partially responsible for Obama is like saying that the Poles were responsible for being overrun by the Nazis because they rejected the second-worst candidate for empire in the Soviets. :shrug:

My conscience is clean, if you voted against the Defunding of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion provider, that’s your vote. Numerous Republican Governors across the US have done this, Representative Boehner has planned to do this. I myself will vote for America’s largest abortion provider to be defunded by the US Government. You made your choice.

If you think defunding Planned Parenthood is a bad choice, you are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts. Not a point of view I as a Catholic would be proud of!

To say a man, a ticket that pledges to defund abortion providers as a bad choice is absolutely repugnant.

I wish his brother (arch)bishop, Cardinal Dolan, would have said - or still say - the same thing.

Yes you are dead on here…to think, Gov. Cuomo is pushing the strongest gun control in the country to “PROTECT CHILDREN” at the same time he is pushing a bill to allow third trimester abortion…oh, by the way, he is a Catholic. :eek:

I too am very disappointed in the silence of cardinal Dolan.

Where did I say ANYTHING about voting against defunding Planned Parenthood? I have been rejoicing their national closures as much as any faithful Catholic.

You need to step back for a moment and stop making assumptions about other peoples’ opinions.

You already told us you took no action to defund planned parenthood nationally, something about the Nazis and the worse choice for President.

National Right to Life groups endorsed Romney-Ryan, either your part of the problem or part of the solution.

Good you rejoiced, I took action, I voted for the best alternative, I take someone at their word. Romney Ryan pledged to defund PPH, if you rejoice so much, you should have helped them.

Actually, I never said that, and my donations to the National Right to Life Committee, Gabriel Project and others strongly begs to differ. :shrug:

Your strong partisan opinions are leading you to judge others. Please try to reconsider.

Forgive me for believing that politicians lie sometimes. The past 30 years Republicans have promised to end abortion but they keep appointing more pro-choice justices to the Supreme Court. So I’m a little embittered by it. Romney has been pro-choice the majority of his political career, so the best you could say about him is that he’s a little less pro-abortion than Obama is (which I’ll grant to be true).

But explain to me why I’m part of the problem if I didn’t vote for Romney. Maybe I voted for some other pro-life candidate (I did), and perhaps I voted for a pro-life governor that was allied with the anti-Planned Parenthood movement (I did).

It’s only my opinion, but to vote for someone who has no chance to win is throwing your vote away. We do not elect a parliament, we elect a president. And yes, candidates do lie, but I believed Romney and Ryan. I knew Obama would do nothing bu more of the same and I did not, do not, believe that the country can take four more years of that. If the abortion issue is not enough to sway one to vote for Romney, what about the fragile economy of the country? What skills did Obama bring to the table on that one? I proffer, absolutely none.

My vote is a throwaway anyway because Washington D.C. went 90% Democrat anyway. May as well register a protest vote for somebody that I like rather than a lesser of evils.

The poles didn’t vote on getting invaded. When faced with a difficult decision on how to best address the greatest moral issue if our times too many Catholics punted.

Rejoiced that Planned Parenthoods get defunded or closed, unwilling to give credit to those instrumental in doing it.

Say what you want about the morally indifferent Catholics – I have no kind words for them but that I hope for their sake that God has a very wide-open definition of “invincible ignorance” – but the GOP couldn’t have blown their opportunity to win the 2012 election more if they actively tried. Between Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape”, Romney’s social Darwinist economic beliefs and most of the other choices for the presidential nomination being lunatics, they really dug their own graves.

I for one would vote for a Bob Dole, an Alan Keyes, a Jon Huntsman, or a John McCain any day of the week. I would not vote for a Mitt Romney. I would rather be remembered as the loud and upset protest vote than the complacent vote for the second worst.

The pro-life of America did it. Not President Romney and Vice President Ryan. Perhaps you forget that they lost the election and have no formal power. Perhaps you should recognize the fact that dollars donated to the National Right to Life Committee actually did something compared to showing up for a lost election* (at least in regards to the presidency; I did in fact vote for pro-life congressmen and city administrators).

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